Four new unsigned bands you should hear this month

Welcome to the first installment of our new AP&R online series. Some of you may be thinking, “Wait. Isn’t this usually in the magazine?” Yes, it is, but we’re upping the ante with this section in our future issues by giving your favorite among our scouted unsigned artists an opportunity for a larger print feature […]

Poll: Which day of the week should new albums be released on?

Forget the music industry’s standard Tuesday album release day. A recent study ran by Digital Music News found that 68 percent of fans say albums from their favorite artists should be released on Friday or Saturday. Well, we want to know what you think: Which day of the week should new albums be released on? […]

News Poll: Survey finds Tumblr most used social network. Is it accurate?

In a small survey (1,038 sample) conducted recently by Posterous co-founder Garry Tan, Tumblr was found to be the most used social network among Internet-users aged 13-25, narrowly beating out Facebook. Though that may not come as a shock to you, Tan, who is 31 said the results “blew [him] away.” “To be honest, it's […]