Here’s why Kat Cunning trusted PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn to remix “Supernova”

Lynn Gunn’s process of making a PVRIS track usually follows the same steps. The rocker starts on production software Logic Pro, creates a “vibe” off a simple production and then enlists her collaborators later on. And for the most part, she’s creating something brand new.  But when it comes to remixing preexisting songs as PVRIS, […]

Hear a Green Day ‘American Idiot’ classic remixed as a Sega Genesis tune

If you’ve ever wondered what Green Day would sound like soundtracking an old-school video game, you’re in luck as a creative fan has put together a remix of “Give Me Novacaine” in the style of a Sega Genesis game. Reddit user u/DilanGaming has been turning Green Day tracks into 16-bit video game sounding songs and is sharing his […]

See a classic My Chemical Romance video recreated in ‘Animal Crossing’

Earlier in the week, we got to hear My Chemical Romance‘s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” in the style of Animal Crossing‘s resident musician K.K. Slider and now we’re getting to see what a remake of the music video would look like in the game. YouTuber Mika Schmeling used the remix made by Suukool and recreated the track’s […]

Hear twenty one pilots get a fuzzy lo-fi hip-hop twist added to "Heathens"

A creative fan of twenty one pilots is taking their Suicide Squad track “Heathens” and building it into a lo-fi hip-hop track. YouTube musician and producer MarkyPaligs is remixing the track giving a fresh take on the song four years after its release. Read More: Hayley Williams just became the first woman to break this rock chart record The […]

22 best remixes of your fave songs from Blink-182, Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and more

Some songs are perfect just the way they are, but that doesn’t stop other musicians from adding their own twist to the mix. And that includes EDM artists. Of course, some EDM remixes aren’t the greatest, but we’ll admit that others are sort of… fun. And dancey. Here are 22 EDM remixes of favorite songs […]

Porter Robinson and Mat Zo to officially release "Easy" US single EP on May 7

Porter Robinson has announced that he will finally be releasing “Easy,” his single in collaboration with UK producer Mat Zo via Astalwerks in the U.S. on May 7. The song, originally a Mat Zo demo, fell into the hands of Robinson as well when the two toured together last year and decided to turn it […]

Battles to release "Dross Glop" remix album in April

Battles will be compiling their series of Dross Glop remix 12-inches onto one album for an Apr. 17 release on CD/digital. The first two volumes have already been released on vinyl, with the third and fourth volumes to follow in the coming weeks before the CD/digital release. More info is here.

Battles to release second "Dross Glop" remix 12-inch

Battles will be releasing a new Dross Glop remix 12-inch on February 21. Check out the track listing, as well as the “White Electric” remix by Shabazz Palaces, below. The LP is the second of four remix LPs set to drop; more info on those can be found here. Battles' 2011 full-length Gloss Drop was one […]