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Fan Poll: The Cure's 5 greatest songs

From “Just like Heaven” to “Fascination Street” we ranked the five greatest songs from The Cure of all time. See which ones made the list.

These 15 songs took on completely new identities from their original demo

Demos are a great way for listeners to peer into the creative process of their favorite musicians. As an artist’s vision comes to fruition, demos serve as the solidified rough draft of a song. They can show us the painstaking mental labor that comes with writing new music. They also portray the auditory and lyrical […]

A history of horror punk, from the Damned and Misfits to Alkaline Trio

I Put A Spell On You: Horror-punk roots Horror punk? Well, the cheapest, tackiest horror films have always been part of the cultural detritus that’s informed the punk aesthetic. Think of Ramones’ ode to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, “Chain Saw.” Remember the bloody, dripping creature feature font adorning Iggy And The Stooges’ Raw Power […]

CHVRCHES return to their dark side on fourth album 'Screen Violence'

“You’re literally witnessing the first time we’ve all been in the same room in a while,” Martin Doherty of Glasgow synth-based band CHVRCHES says over Zoom. He shares the foreground of the screen with vocalist Lauren Mayberry while Iain Cook takes a backseat in between. The band are set to release their fourth LP, Screen […]

Badflower and blackbear defy musical expectations in issue 397

Over the last several years, music genres have become more and more muddied by artist experimentation, fusing sounds on the opposite end of the spectrum and releasing collabs that span across the board. Gone are the days of searching for music based on its classification: pop punk, hip-hop, emo, rock. It hardly matters anymore. Instead, […]

Bad Suns’ Christo Bowman knows exactly who he’d bring on his dream tour

Bad Suns are setting the bar incredibly high for this summer. With their dreamy new single “Heaven Is A Place In My Head” hitting streaming this week, the group are channeling the energy they exude onstage into the track. Painting vivid imagery through lyrics such as, “Summer nеver lasts as long as you want it […]

CHVRCHES and the Cure's Robert Smith join forces on "How Not To Drown"

CHVRCHES have enlisted the help of the Cure’s Robert Smith to release their emotional new single, “How Not To Drown.” The deeply vulnerable track is about coming back from a place you thought you’d never return from when the stress and pressure of everything make it impossible to escape and bounce back to your true […]

AFI unveil captivating new song “Dulcería” co-written by Billy Corgan

AFI are continuing to deliver a slew of diverse tracks ahead of their first album in more than four years, Bodies. “Dulcería” and “Far Too Near” mark the latest from their 11th album out June 11 via Rise Records. With the release of the two new singles and a music video for “Dulcería,” AFI continue […]

15 artists who would crush a collab on blink-182's next record

When blink-182 announced the collaborations for their upcoming album, the message-board grumblings were loud. The additions seemed too mainstream for a band who often mocked pop culture.  On the other hand, making a play at distant fanbases can only help the scene. If Pharrell fans turn back to blink-182, maybe they’ll get a taste for, […]

10 collabs from the 2000s that were so good, we wish they'd happen again

Is there anything more exciting than a good song collaboration? Given all the hype generated by guest appearances such as Travis Barker and phem on Tyler Posey‘s debut solo single, we can’t imagine so. While 2020 was undoubtedly a year for collaborations, that’s not to say such joint efforts went unappreciated in the past. In fact, […]

10 ‘MTV Unplugged’ performances from the ’90s that remain iconic

There’s no doubt that the relative abundance of “unplugged” performances has skyrocketed in the past year. It makes sense, given that pared-back sessions are far easier to conduct over a livestream than a full-band setup. Still, though, we can’t help but feel like we’re experiencing a bit of a ’90s cultural revival. If you have […]

These 20 songs from the '80s left a lasting mark in the underground

The ’80s are usually looked upon in two different mindsets. The first is usually through the prism of mass-culture nostalgia from those who were there. The other school of thought was that the ’80s were a hotbed for creativity. Forget the songs that you were playing when your mom met your dad. How about the […]

10 David Bowie-inspired artists helping keep his legacy alive

On Jan. 10, 2016, the music community took a hit that we weren’t expecting and never could have prepared ourselves for. Just two days earlier on his 69th birthday, David Bowie released his album Blackstar, but the glam-rock musician knew a secret about that record that the world wasn’t aware of yet: It would be […]

The Cure inspires skyrocketing guitar sales thanks to “Glastonbury effect”

There’s been a huge ongoing debate for god knows how long about whether or not rock is dead, but the Cure are here to show it isn’t. Following the band’s set at the Glastonbury Festival, an Edinburgh guitar retailer is saying the band’s performance has shot guitar sales up astronomically. Read More: ‘Stranger Things’ snuck a […]

The Cure play two new songs at Robert Smith's Meltdown fest

The Cure mixed in two new songs among a couple of career-spanning live sets to close out the Robert Smith-curated Meltdown festival at London’s Royal Festival Hall this past weekend. Check out some footage of the epic gigs down below. Read more: Alex Gaskarth joins State Champs at Warped Tour As reported by the NME, […]

The Cure's Robert Smith says he's never been goth

[Photo by: Southbank Centre/Instagram] The Cure frontman Robert Smith is refuting the goth label that has been associated with the band. “Goth was like pantomime to me. I never really took the whole culture thing seriously,” he says. Read more: 20 DIY goth accessories that will make your friends jealous During an interview with TimeOut ahead of this year’s Meltdown […]

Robert Smith plans the Cure's first new album in 10 years

[Photo by: The Cure/Facebook] The Cure frontman Robert Smith is talking about recording the iconic rock band’s first new studio album in 10 years. And the up-and-coming music scene, along with recent festival gigging, may have inspired the songwriter’s new material. In an interview with The Guardian, Smith reveals his plans for the Cure’s first […]

More acts added to the Cure's Meltdown fest, Robert Smith talks new music

[Photo by: The Cure/Facebook] More bands have been announced for Robert Smith’s upcoming installment of the Meltdown festival this summer, and the Cure frontman is also reportedly discussing some long-awaited new music from his beloved gothic rock pioneers. Read more: The Cure announce 40th anniversary concert and supporting acts As reported by the NME, Smith’s curated Meltdown […]

The Cure announce 40th anniversary concert and supporting acts

[Photo by: The Cure/Facebook] English goth-rock legends the Cure will celebrate 40 years as a band next summer with an anniversary concert in London's Hyde Park. Check out the details and the stellar supporting acts for the celebratory fest below. Read more: Our staff picks the 28 best songs of 2017 As reported by Consequence […]

See Morrissey, Robert Smith, more reimagined as Marvel heroes

In his latest series, artist Butcher Billy took on the task of combining post-punk figures such as Morrissey and the Cure's Robert Smith with classic Marvel heroes (via Short List).  The result? Well, let's just say we wouldn't advocate making Morrissey angry.  APTV: First, Last, Best and Worst superhero movies with A Day To Remember Check out […]

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