Maggie Lindemann and Kellin Quinn join forces for “how could you do this to me”

Maggie Lindemann has released a new single, “how could you do this to me,” featuring Sleeping With Sirens‘ Kellin Quinn. The track arrives ahead of Lindemann’s debut album, SUCKERPUNCH. “It’s literally a dream come true to work with Kellin,” Lindemann says in a press release. Read more: LØLØ and Maggie Lindemann team up for “debbie […]

10 theories about Christmas movies that will ruin your childhood

It seems like everyone loves to watch feel-good Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit once December rolls around. But many holiday movie fans have noticed that some of these classics have dark theories behind them.  If you scour the internet, there’s no shortage of conspiracy theories about Christmas movies, old and new. Some make […]

11 of the most underrated superhero movies ever made

Would Billy Zane have been in Ben Stiller’s Zoolander if his The Phantom launched the superhero franchise it should have? Would Schmidt of the hit comedy New Girl have lampooned Zane’s celebrity status by declaring himself a “Zaniac” in one memorable episode of the sitcom if Zane’s interpretation of one of the world’s first great […]

10 horror movie plot twists no one ever saw coming

From the stories of O. Henry to The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror, the plot twist has long been a staple of storytelling. In horror movies, twists can either heighten the scares or provide an exit out of a lousy script. In the hands of a hack, a twist is merely a cheap shot. In […]

Here are 20 horror remakes and sequels that live up to the original

Whether you love, loathe or merely try to ignore them, horror remakes, rehashes and sequels have been a cinematic fact of life since the earliest days of the medium. The trend of rebooting successful films has, for better and too often for worse, been a staple of the genre since its inception. Robert Louis Stevenson’s […]

20 underrated horror villains ranked in order of most terrifying

To horror fans, these names are sacred: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Leatherface. They’re the cinematic slashers who replaced Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Wolfman in the pantheon of movie monsters. They ushered in an arguably less refined, more violent and definitely bloodier approach in the 1970s and ’80s. No doubt, they’ve earned their […]

QUIZ: How well do you know the origins of legendary slasher film villains?

Horror movies have created some of the most iconic characters and quotes etched into the history of cinema despite largely being ignored by snobby film buffs. From the terrifying presence of Michael Myers in Halloween to the gruesome gore-drenched scenes from the Saw franchise, history has been set by slasher films since they became a […]

Here's where you can binge through the 'Saw' franchise this weekend

If you’ve been looking for some horror movies to revisit while isolating at home, Syfy has you covered this weekend as they’re showing all of the Saw films. On Sunday (April 26), they’ll be running a marathon where you can see all of your favorite traps from across the series. Read More: A new book reveals Eddie Van […]

Here's all of the 'Saw' Easter eggs in 'The Invisible Man' and 'Upgrade'

Saw writer Leigh Whannell has expanded his work in horror far beyond that franchise, working on the Insidious series and now writing and directing both Upgrade and The Invisible Man. The infamous Billy The Puppet from the Saw films has cropped up in a number of other movies made by Whannell as well as James Wan who also worked on the […]

27 iconic horror villains ranked in order of most terrifying

Over the years, horror films have created some of the most lasting characters in entertainment through terrifying viewers to the point where they’ll never forget the figure behind the madness. Everyone who watches scary movies has one character who’s etched into their brain, but some are clearly worse than others. Take a look below to […]

‘Spiral: From The Book Of Saw’ trailer restores trap from original film

The trailer for the new Saw movie, Spiral: From The Book Of Saw is finally here and it gives a nod to the very first movie in the franchise. Last May, it was revealed that Jigsaw would be returning in a “reimagined” reboot starring Chris Rock. Read more: Loathe bring the rock (and the roar) on […]

Top 10 most anticipated horror films releasing in 2020

The start of the new year means another chapter of psychological thrills and blood-spattered imagery for horror fans around the globe.  2020 will see fan favorites such as John Carpenter, Jordan Peele and James Wan with other fresh and horrifying ideas thrown into the mix. From Michael Myers to the Candyman, these films will surely […]

Ice Nine Kills lyrics or horror movie quote: Can you tell the difference?

Ice Nine Kills have built a career from their love of metal and horror movies. They frequently pay homage to classics within the film genre in both their look and lyricism. Writing about everything from Friday The 13th to A Nightmare On Elm Street to Saw against heavy tones they’re blasting out, it’s no surprise the lyrics […]

How well do you remember these iconic horror movie quotes?

Horror movies are built to inspire fear in us, and while the actions carried out in the films are usually the thing meant to scare us, sometimes it can be the words the characters are saying. Whether it’s the villains striking fear in others or the protagonists saying all of the words the viewers are […]

Can you identify the ‘Saw’ film based on the Jigsaw trap?

The Saw franchise redefined horror movies in the 2000s by making the “torture porn” genre mainstream through the intricate Jigsaw traps that captured our collective attention. Fifteen years ago today, the classic “I want to play a game” line was first burned into our minds. The films urged us to watch people fight to stay […]

Top 10 gruesome horror movie deaths that slashed through the genre

Numerous minute details go into making a great horror movie. Costume design, makeup, lighting and color schemes can all make or break the next spooky blockbuster, but even if all these factors are accounted for, there’s one thing that can push the film into legendary territory. Admit it: It’s the blood, gore, screaming and slicing […]

Top 10 metal soundtracks that took movies to the next level

Soundtracks are an important part of movies, but given they mostly want to appeal to a wide audience, metal is often left out of the film industry. When a heavy band does make it into a movie, it’s something fans celebrate for years to come, even if the majority of the movie’s audience doesn’t always […]

'Saw' movie getting "twisted" spin-off from Chris Rock

Are you ready to play a game, Saw fans? According to MovieWeb, the franchise is preparing for a return with a “reimagined” reboot from, believe it or not, Chris Rock. The movie script is set to be written by Jigsaw writers Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg. Read more: Tom DeLonge following Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker sparks fan theories The reboot has […]

‘Saw’ creator wants to reboot ‘Leprechaun’ horror franchise

The creator of Saw wants to reboot the Leprechaun horror franchise just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Director Darren Bousman took to Twitter to remind his fans of his dream of remaking the franchise with his own spin. Read more: ‘The Flash’ actor is writing his own “darker” script for solo film “it’s that […]

‘Saw’ writers to bring back ‘Final Destination’ franchise

The Final Destination franchise is coming back thanks to scary movie masters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. Melton and Dunstan wrote four of the Saw movies and are now taking on the sixth Final Destination installment. The franchise will continue as a New Line production. Read more: ‘Avengers’ star says he would make posthumous appearances in […]
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