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Behind the scenes of When We Were Young’s sophomore year

We rubbed elbows with pop-punk royalty and caught up with our favorite bands.

Say Anything announce ...Is A Real Boy 20th anniversary tour

Say Anything will celebrate their breakthrough 2004 album on the road in the spring.

Exclusive: Say Anything reveal title and tracklist of their new album

The band also shared the Sufjan Stevens-indebted cut “Carrie & Lowell & Cody (Pendent).”

Hear Say Anything's "Psyche!," their first post-hiatus single and love letter to the alt-rock scene

After a hiatus, emo band Say Anything are back with their latest single “Psyche!” ahead of their upcoming tour dates. Listen to the pop-punk song now.

11 alternative albums that prove good things come to those who wait

At the pace in which music is released, thanks to modern streaming services, it’s no wonder we’ve all grown accustomed (and arguably spoiled) to receiving a new album or collection of music from our favorite artists approximately every two years. While artists such as Taylor Swift, Prince and Ariana Grande have all joined the elite […]

Bamboozle sets the stage for the legendary festival to return in 2023

Legendary music festival Bamboozle has officially announced its return. The event will come back to Asbury Park, New Jersey in 2023, just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut. The reveal was accompanied by a video, posted to the official Bamboozle website and social media. While the festival has yet to announce […]

40 new artists you need to hear in April

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.  We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

25 most influential albums that define what it means to be emo

The genre affectionately known as emo started out as a wave of internalized rage bubbling under the surface of Washington, D.C.’s Revolution Summer in the mid-’80s. Within three decades, it had permeated the mainstream and changed beyond all recognition. Like it or not, the bands inspired by that initial breakthrough, including Rites Of Spring and […]

25 most influential emo bands who made the genre what it is today

Emo (noun): a hotly contested music genre where bands and fans alike refuse to agree on who qualifies for a place in the rankings for all eternity, where no band admits to falling into the criteria of emo, and no fans admit to listening to it either. Of course, the one precursor to belonging to […]

10 unforgettable movie scenes that were made even better with music

From the ending of Fight Club to the final moment of The Breakfast Club, music has been adding extra emotion to movie scenes for decades.  Music can evoke emotion, conclude a scene without words or deliver the extra oomph that a moment was lacking otherwise. Below we have compiled some of our favorite scenes from […]

29 scene song titles so long you'll have to stop to take a breath

One standout feature of the early 2000s emo music scene was song titles that could barely fit on the back covers of CDs. You probably have fond memories of typing the lyrics of your new jam into the Google search bar and discovering that the actual name of the song was nowhere within them. Or […]

Discover 50 unsigned bands from every state in the US

From sea to shining sea, the U.S. is teeming with talented bands and musicians. Every state and region of the country has its own scene, with its own unique flavor, filled with undiscovered and unsigned artists worthy of a listen. In a time when most of us are stuck inside, take a virtual road trip […]

Demi Lovato hit a metal mosh pit at 14 and loved every second of it

Demi Lovato recently sat down with Emo Nite Founders Morgan Freed and Barbara Szabo for the Ride Or Cry Podcast and talked about all manner of emo things. As you know, the pop star recently released an “I Love Me [Emo Version] with blink-182‘s Travis Barker. In addition, Lovato also compiled an Emo Nite Takeover […]

The lyrics of these 10 songs probably wouldn't have been written in 2020

From grizzled punk icons to salacious young upstarts, sometimes, somebody’s going to say the wrong thing. This video rundown of politically incorrect lyrics bears that out. There’s the old adage that “art imitates life.” Indeed, artists write songs derived from their personal stances and vivid imaginations.  But in these days of demanded authenticity and transparency, […]

20 scene albums from 2002 that you probably still have in your car

When the new millennium broke, the alternative music community was heavily saturated with popular genres such as punk, pop punk and emo. Lying dormant, a new alternative music sound and scene was awaiting its time to shine. In 2002, it absolutely exploded. It was virtually impossible to go a day without hearing Simple Plan’s latest […]

Here’s who Halsey considers to be the best emo band of all time

One thing we’ve gained from this coronavirus quarantine is the ability to see everyone’s favorite bands. From the 30-day song challenge to brackets pitting early-2000s emo bands against one another, everyone has shared their opinion. That included musicians like Halsey.  The iconic pop-sensation recently filled out her own Mid-’00s “Emo” Bands bracket and we’re not […]

10 scene song lyrics that probably wouldn’t have been sung in 2020

There’s nothing better than taking a walk down memory lane on Spotify or putting an old mix CD in your car. Hearing familiar lyrics will take you back to your youth or evoke a happy time in your life. But you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little shocked by some of the […]

Max Bemis on comics, crashing and... Say Anything?

Back in the summer of 2008, Say Anything founder Max Bemis was invited to speak at a panel discussion about Warped Tour held at the Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The panel also featured Kevin Lyman, Epitaph’s Brett Gurewitz and some other punk-scene luminaries, as well as this writer. Prior to the […]

Senses Fail vocalist Buddy Nielsen shares the best Bernie Sanders meme yet

We don’t ever remember a time when Senses Fail founder Buddy Nielsen shied away from anything. And we know better than to think the outspoken frontman was going to start keeping it chill in an election year. On the band’s Twitter account, Nielsen posted a meme in support of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ visage […]

You, Me, And Everyone We Know feel “F.I.N.E.” on new single

When AltPress catches up with Ben Liebsch, the captain of You, Me, And Everyone We Know, he’s winding down after a long day managing the gym he owns. “[I’ve been] going through some ongoing health issues recently in the last weeks and trying to figure out what that is,” he says. “Who knows: I work […]
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