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10 pop-punk bands from Canada who are leaving a mark on the genre

There’s no denying that pop punk owes much of what it has to Canada. With greats such as Avril Lavigne and Sum 41, the country has shaped the larger scene pretty significantly. We’ll let you in on a little secret, though… It’s still continuing to do so. In the midst of today’s pop-punk revival, scenes […]

These are the 10 scene songs even our mothers would love

If we had a buck for every time our mothers roasted our music? We’d be writing this from our yacht parked in tax-free international waters. Which is why we give an APTV salute to today’s thoroughly modern moms. And for good reason. From moody electronic tracks to songs with just the right amount of attitude, […]

Here are the 10 scene songs your mom would secretly love

It’s not uncommon for our music tastes to differ from those of our parents. While your mom isn’t likely to be right by your side while you attend a Slipknot concert or spend 10 hours at your favorite music festival, it’s safe to say there are a few tracks out there that she’s secretly rocking […]

Here are the performance streams to watch this week

We’re well into this new temporary way of life of being stuck at home due to coronavirus. Retail stores, bars, restaurants and now movie theaters have closed their doors to the public. This means you’ve probably been sitting inside cycling through the same TV and movie options on Netflix and Hulu, as well as music […]

Bandcamp is waiving their fees to give bands all sale proceeds

Bands are being massively affected by the economic pressures of being forced to stop touring in the midst of the coronavirus but Bandcamp is helping out by waiving their cut of sales starting this Friday (March 20). The company announced the move today (March 18) in conjunction with a number of labels who will similarly be giving all proceeds […]

Coronavirus: Concerts, tours, festivals and more cancellation tracker

The coronavirus is having a massive impact on the entertainment industry, and as the pandemic continues to grow, more events are either canceling or postponing. With every industry from music, film, sports and more being affected by the spread of the virus, we’re keeping track of which events are being called off. Check back for […]

blink-182, the Used among Four Chord Music Festival 2020 lineup

Four Chord Music Festival is returning for its seventh year this summer with an even more stacked lineup than last year. With the first wave of announcements, the annual Pittsburgh event has revealed blink-182 and the Used will appear as headliners at the July 11 gig. The sixth installment was held at the city’s Highmark […]

Sleep On It react to new music from Neck Deep, All Time Low and more

Two records in and Sleep On It have proven that they know what goes into writing and recording a great song. In this APTV exclusive, we gave frontman Zech Pluister, guitarists TJ Horansky and Jake Marquis and drummer Luka Fischman some headphones and had them play rock critic. SIO gave us their verdict on brand […]

QUIZ: How much emo trivia do you really know?

We at AltPress hold the emo title in high regard and fully embrace all subsects of fans who proudly stand under the genre’s umbrella without discretion, only pure, kindred acceptance. We celebrate those who have first pressings of Sunny Day Real Estate vinyl, early 2000s My Chemical Romance fanatics who enlisted in the MCRmy during […]

Fall Out Boy fans should listen to these records made by heroes & stans

Pop-punk provocateurs? Melodic hardcore hellions? One third of modern emo’s holy trinity? A cool night out? Fall Out Boy have been painted with so many kinds of brushes, we don’t know what to call them at this point. Which is good. It keeps the dialog moving. Known for being explosive and dance-inducing pop-punk dynamos, Fall […]

Sleep On It add Bearings, Between You And Me, Neverkept to US tour

After announcing their first full US headlining run back in December, Sleep On It have finally announced support for the run of dates. The band’s upcoming tour which kicks off at the end of February will see them joined by Bearings, Between You And Me and Neverkept. Read More: Kevin Lyman co-produces Australia wildfire benefit stand-up show The tour is supporting […]

Sleep On It announce first full headlining tour for 2020

Sleep On It announced a new tour for 2020. The Pride And Disastour will begin at the end of February and run through March. The run is in support of their most recent album Pride And Disaster which dropped in September. Read more: Yellowcard resume Juice WRLD “Lucid Dreams” copyright infringement suit Sleep On It […]

10 holiday concerts you can attend to ring in the new decade

This season is all about giving, and the bands we obsess over all year long often host holiday concerts during this time of year to give something back to their communities. While some such as Every Time I Die have made it a tradition for well over a decade, others such as August Burns Red […]

The 50 best albums of 2019 in alternative, punk, alt-pop and beyond

The time has come for the collective internet to narrow down their favorite albums of 2019. With more releases than we can count dropping in any given year, from DIY garage bands to the biggest of pop artists, the task is large. This year kept our attention with a slew of choices, so here’s what […]

You, Me, And Everyone We Know open up on their unlikely return

You, Me, And Everyone We Know are back. After more than three years since announcing their breakup, the group founded and led by Ben Liebsch has shared a new song, “(Still) Basically A God,” and announced plans for a reunion show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, that sold out within two hours. We can now exclusively confirm […]

Sleep On It challenge AltPress in Emo trivia featuring FOB, MCR, more

Sleep On It were in Cleveland recently touring with cool rockin’ Brits Don Broco and stopped by the AP office to chill out. We’re not sure how it happened exactly, but some I-am-more-emo-than-you smack talk went down, which inspired APTV director Bobby Makar to suggest a trivia competition to determine who indeed is the most […]

15 hilariously savage Wendy’s roasts the fast food chain has served

Whether they’re dropping the world’s hottest beef mixtape or roasting our favorite bands, the mastermind behind the Wendy’s Twitter account is the hero we don’t deserve. National Roast Day kicked off 2019 in the best way possible, skewering everyone from State Champs to Hopeless Records.  We’ve gathered some of our favorite zingers to create a […]

Sleep On It triumph through loss, hardships, more for 'Pride & Disaster'

If you’ve seen them, you know Chicago pop-punks Sleep On It are always ready with a laugh and a good time. But on the journey to making their second album, it looked like the wheels were going to fall off far too early.  Faced with many personal travails, from the dismissal of bassist/founding member AJ […]

Makeout return: New singer, former Sleep On It bassist and no “Secrets”

If you go to the Wikipedia page dedicated to pop-punk unit Makeout, it’s a total buzzkill. You get all the deets about their accomplishments—a 2017 debut record produced by John Feldmann and a perfunctory tour history—but then it ends on an ominous note: “Remaining members Tyler Young and Scott Eckel are currently unsure of the […]

Sleep On It turn pain into art with ‘Pride & Disaster’—review

There are many who believe pop punk has been played out. Nowadays, there seems to be an expectation to push the genre where it’s never been while maintaining that nostalgic feel. In a world where fans crave a brand-new sound with each release yet ultimately want you to remain the same, Sleep On It have […]
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