Apple just revealed the new iPhone 12, and the internet isn’t happy about it

After much anticipation, Apple finally unveiled the new iPhone 12 on Tuesday. However, the unveiling isn’t going down as well as the tech company may have hoped. Tech enthusiasts and iPhone users are taking to social media to share the numerous reasons why they won’t be buying the new product. Read more: There’s a ‘Hocus […]

New emojis for 2019 include yawns, dogs and more blood

A yawning face, service and guide dogs, and a lone drop of blood that’s being called the “period emoji” by a girls’ rights group are just three of the new emojis found in Unicode’s official 2019 update of the ubiquitous telecom ideograms. It’s set to roll out this spring, CNN reports, and various smartphone operating […]

Is this what the new Motorola RAZR looks like?

Looks like we may be getting a peek at the first fruits of the tech-forward Motorola RAZR comeback movement. And recent filings showing some mobile device hardware has some outlets anticipating a folding phone screen on the device. Take a look at the images right here. What you’re seeing is the World Intellectual Property Organization […]

Motorola RAZR is making a comeback, cue the nostalgia

Besides making us laugh, those “ten year challenge” memes are really filling our hearts with nostalgia. Seems it’s been so long since our Myspace days, mirror selfies (with flash) and taking hours to text on flip phones. Remember that? Although we can’t promise anything about the first two items, we have some news for the […]

Vitaminwater offers $100k for you to ditch your phone for a year

Vitaminwater is willing to give you $100,000 with one condition: you can’t use a smartphone for a year. Think you can do it? Check out what you need to do in order to enter the contest below. Read more: Firefly Music Festival announces 2019 lineup Vitaminwater’s new contest is not for everyone, but has an interesting […]

2018's top iPhone apps show drop in Snapchat use

Snapchat use drops for the third straight year as YouTube takes the top spot on Apple‘s recently released list of the most-downloaded iPhone apps of 2018, meaning the video sharing company can now officially consider itself the “most popular iPhone app of the year,” as noted by Mashable. So, did you snap or cruise the […]

A foldable phone could be the future of smartphones

Samsung just unveiled a foldable phone, the malleable mobile sporting new tech the company’s calling Infinity Flex. Essentially a smartphone that can open up on itself to become tablet-sized, the prototype’s got tech lovers talking since it’s the first device that actually has a folding screen. That’s right, there’s a hinge inside the screen. Read […]

Why did Twitter just lose 9 million users?

Twitter just lost a whopping 9 million users, the company behind the social networking service announced today, in an ongoing effort to wipe out bots and spam on the platform while making more money in the long run. And it appears to be working. Twitter made a profit for the fourth successive quarter, as reported […]

Nintendo patents case that makes your phone a Game Boy

Looks like Nintendo is planning a case that turns your phone into a working Game Boy, according to a patent found by Siliconera. Wanna rock some old-school video games on your smartphone with the look and feel of the classic handheld? Read more: Listen to twenty one pilots’ new album ‘Trench’ The patent, shown here, […]

Smartphones aren't to blame for young people's loneliness, survey says

It’s almost a given that you’re going to feel lonely at some point in your life. And a new survey says that young people are the loneliest age group, overall. But that may not be due solely to smartphone use, as is often suggested. Read more: Apple update makes fear of texting the wrong person […]

Twitter testing feature that tells you who to unfollow

It seems like Twitter is always working to make social networking more like real life. And, reportedly, the big blue bird even wants to help you ghost people online now. It’s testing out a feature that suggests who to unfollow. Read more: Dallon Weekes ran into P!ATD at Reading Need help culling the herd? What […]

This 'mobile airbag' can protect your phone screen from cracks

There’s no end to the frustration of a cracked phone screen—one mistake drop and you’re already pulling out your wallet. Luckily, a brand new product on the market is looking to save everyone the hassle. Read more: Nearly half of millennials would choose their phone over shampoo Created by German engineering student Philip Frenzel, the […]

Nearly half of millennials would choose their phone over shampoo

Almost half of millennials would rather give up shampooing for a week than stop using their phones, according to a survey over at Business Insider. Would you rather lose your cellphone for a week or forgo washing your hair for the same time? Read more: Drinkable black metal record is made of coffee The survey, […]

This minimalist new phone wants to curb your addiction to devices

[Photo by: Light Phone 2/Indiegogo] A low-key, streamlined new cellphone is being funded to help confront the antisocial addiction to screen-gazing. Want to unload all but the most vital phone functions for a weekend (or more)? Light Phone 2 might be your thing. Read more: The cellphone from 'The Matrix' is coming back The stark […]

The Nokia cellphone from 'The Matrix' is coming back

[Photos by: Warner Bros., The Verge/YouTube] Nokia is getting nostalgic with the reintroduction of their 8110 slider phone, a distinct piece of mid-'90s technology made eternal by an appearance in the Wachowskis' sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix. Are you ready to follow the white rabbit with a Neo-style, throwback cellphone? Read more: Will the iPhone X […]

Apple finally reveals what all the weather symbols on your iPhone mean

[Photo by: Giphy] Sure, a snowflake icon means some snow's a-comin', and a little cloud symbol means it's going to be cloudy… but do you really know what all the weather icons on your iPhone mean? Thankfully, Apple has offered a handy-dandy guide that legit shows us what all the weather symbols on our iPhones […]

Apple to introduce new iPhone X, according to analyst

[Photo by: Apple] Apple will reportedly introduce three new iPhone X models this year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities. The news follows last week's prediction that the first-generation iPhone X will be discontinued in 2018. Read more: Apple apologizes for slowing down iPhones In new information uncovered by MacRumors, Kuo forecasts that […]

Will the iPhone X be discontinued in 2018?

[Photo by: Apple] Apple's iPhone X was just released in November, but now, certain technology analysts are predicting that the latest iPhone model's lifespan may not extend past this year. Will a new iPhone XI supplant the X by the end of 2018? Read more: Apple apologizes for slowing down iPhones The tech giant announced […]

France doesn't like the word "smartphone," gives mobile devices a new name

France is bidding adieu to the word “smartphone“—the country will be using its own terminology to refer to the ubiquitous mobile devices henceforth. Why? Because the French apparently don't want pesky English tech talk all up in their language. Que sera, sera. Read more: Fidget spinner phones are actually happening That's right, none other an […]

This device turns your phone into a Game Boy—with cartridge support

[Photos via Neowin] Hyperkin’s Smart Boy is a case that turns your smartphone into a fully functional Game Boy. It was on display at this year’s E3 with an updated design. Specifics on the device are scarce at this point, but a December release is being reported among various gaming outlets. Additionally, judging by these pictures […]