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All Entries Tagged: Acoustic Story

  1. Brian Marquis - “Breathing In Ghosts” acoustic story

    Today, Brian Marquis released Blood & Spirits, his debut full-length for Equal Vision Records. Over the winter,...

  2. Transit - “Nothing Lasts Forever” acoustic story

    While they were out on the Acoustic Basement tour, Transit treated us to an acoustic performance...

  3. The Color Morale - “Learned Behavior” acoustic story

    Garret Rapp and Devin King of the Color Morale perform "Learned Behavior" from their latest album Know Hope...

  4. Acoustic Story: Max Bemis, “Slumming It With Johnny”

    Max Bemis of Say Anything performs and tells us the story behind "Slumming It With Johnny."

  5. Acoustic Story: HRVRD, “We Never Shut Up About You”

    HRVRD tell the story behind "We Never Shut Up About You" and perform an acoustic rendition of the...

  6. Acoustic Story: I The Mighty, “Four Letter Words”

    I The Mighty performed the acoustic version of "Four Letter Words" from their latest album Satori for the...

  7. AP Acoustic Story: Allison Weiss, “One Way Love”

    Allison Weiss tells us how a breakup and New York inspired her song "One Way Love" from Say...

  8. Mixtapes acoustic performance premiere and ‘Ordinary Silence’ track by track

    Mixtapes guitarist/vocalists Maura Weaver and Ryan Rockwell tell us all about their upcoming album, Ordinary Silence (out...

  9. AP Acoustic Story: Masked Intruder feat. Maura Weaver (Mixtapes), “Heart Shaped Guitar”

  10. AP Acoustic Story: Diamond Youth talk the making of “Cannonball”

  11. Acoustic Story: Jonny Craig talks about the first song he wrote post-rehab