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All Entries Tagged: Avril-lavigne

  1. Find out which musician you share a zodiac sign with

  2. Avril Lavigne says her new album will be done in two weeks

    [Photo by: Avril Lavigne/Instagram] Avril Lavigne (or is it Melissa?) has some exciting news for all the...

  3. 11 times the scene got ‘Punk’d’

  4. 17 songs you didn’t realize were a decade old

  5. Listen to Circa Survive’s Anthony Green, Avril Lavigne on Grey’s “Wings Clipped”

    [Photo credit: Grey/YouTube] Grey released their first EP Chameleon Friday and it's everything you didn'...

  6. Avril Lavigne is the most dangerous person to search online

    According to a recent study, Avril Lavigne is the most dangerous celebrity to search online. And it's...

  7. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger reunite onstage during Nickelback show

    [Photos by: Richard Beland, Avril Lavigne/Instagram] Avril Lavigne and her ex Chad Kroeger had an onstage reunion...

  8. Avril Lavigne tweets out update on new album, thanks fans for being patient

    [Photo by: Avril Lavigne/Instagram] Avril Lavigne has shared another update on her next album, promising that "it'...

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  10. 14 totally bonkers music conspiracy theories

  11. Avril Lavigne tweets photo, internet conspiracy theorists go wild

    Earlier this week, the internet resurrected the conspiracy theory that claims Avril Lavigne is dead, and...

  12. This Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory has returned, and the internet is freaking out

    Marking the 14th anniversary of her massive single, “Complicated,” the internet has resurrected the conspiracy theory...