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All Entries Tagged: Books

  1. Corey Taylor on Justin Bieber appropriating metal culture: “He can kiss my ass”

    Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour has written a book, America 51, about what he thinks is...

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  4. 10 bands that got their names from books

  5. Fearless Vampire Killers co-vocalist to release third novel

    Fearless Vampire Killers co-vocalist Laurence Beveridge has announced that Unbreakable Hearts, the third book...

  6. “Depth almost always comes from adversity”—Mat Devine on his advice compendium ‘Weird War One’

  7. “The shift in consciousness is just beginning and it’s terrifying”—A conversation with Amanda Palmer

  8. Church leader trying to purge “demonic” vampire books from public library

    Get ready to rage. Texas church leader Phillip Massick is trying to have all books about vampires and...

  9. “We were truly in pain, and that still translates”—Thoughts Of Ionesco’s Sean Hoen on his new memoir

  10. Rob Zombie announces photo book, ‘The Zombie Horror Picture Show’

    After announcing his new creepy clown film, horror rocker/director/former AP cover star Rob Zombie is releasing...

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  12. Interview: Davey Havok on his new book, ‘Pop Kids,’ and AFI’s September mystery