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All Entries Tagged: Comic-book

  1. This ‘Star Wars’ comic explains how Rey got the Force

    [Photos by: Lucasfilm, Marvel] How did Rey get the Force in Star Wars? After the character, portrayed by...

  2. Comic writer Matthew Rosenberg on the importance of music in comics

  3. Say Anything’s Max Bemis says he’s working on a new comic for Marvel

    [Photos by: APTV, Marvel] Say Anything's Max Bemis is filling in fans on his upcoming work&mdash...

  4. A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ sequel is happening

    [Photo credit: Walt Disney Pictures] It looks like Tim Burton's beloved The Nightmare Before Christmas is finally...

  5. Drug Church vocalist writes new horror comic: ‘There’s Nothing There’

  6. Lights announces new album, comic book series

    Comic books and new music from Lights is a pair that seemingly goes hand in hand, which is...

  7. Gerard Way contributing to inspirational ‘Femme Magnifique’ comic book anthology

    A Kickstarter has been launched for a 30 comic-book series called Femme Magnifique, which will salute women...