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All Entries Tagged: Comics

  1. Gerard Way shares ‘Batman’ statues inspired by never-released comic

    Gerard Way is continuing his love for comics with the creation of these Batman and Joker statues. What'...

  2. Joaquin Phoenix reportedly cast for upcoming Joker origin movie

    [Photo by: The Weinstein Company]It looks like a Joker origin movie is on the way, and...

  3. This ‘Star Wars’ comic explains how Rey got the Force

    [Photos by: Lucasfilm, Marvel]How did Rey get the Force in Star Wars?After the character, portrayed by...

  4. DC Comics share male version of Harley Quinn

    [Photo by: DC Entertainment]In case you were wondering what a male version of Harley Quinn would look...

  5. How punk rock band Beach Slang influenced the comic series, ‘Violent Love’

  6. Gerard Way’s ‘Young Animal’ imprint revamp coming in March

    [Photo by: Sonny/gerardway/Instagram]Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint is getting a relaunch...

  7. Comic writer Matthew Rosenberg on the importance of music in comics

  8. Gerard Way’s Young Animal imprint to cross over with DC heros in ‘Milk Wars’

    [Photo by: Frank Quietly via Gerard Way/Instagram]Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint was started...

  9. The Archies brings CHVRCHES and more of your favorite bands to a new comic series

  10. Me Like Bees team up with comic book creators, premiere new video for “The River Divides”—watch

  11. AFI’s Davey Havok, Motion City Soundtrack’s Justin Pierre featured on Local Comic Shop Day exclusive

  12. GWAR launch Kickstarter for new comic series: ‘Orgasmageddon’