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All Entries Tagged: Concert

  1. All Time Low play “Stay Awake,” “The Beach,” more ‘So Wrong, It’s Right’ hits at tiny secret show

    Two days ago, All Time Low teased a show by the Young Renegades on Twitter. We thought it...

  2. 11 New Years’ resolutions we can all make to be better music fans

  3. Remember your favorite concerts with ticket stub floor mats

    Experts in all things obscure, Dangerous Minds, have found Lakeside Photo Works—a company that will superimpose...

  4. 11 crafts to give your old concert tickets new life

  5. There’s an app that helps you avoid concert traffic

    Missing the opening acts at a concert could be a thing of the past. The app Waze just...

  6. There’s a device that lets you print photos from your cell phone

    Technology has found a way to make our concert-going experience one to remember, and there’s a...

  7. Facebook trolls are making ridiculous surprise concert events; here are 9 of the best

  8. Why a Twenty One Pilots show is one of the best concerts you can attend

  9. Some guy tricked Ohio into thinking that Limp Bizkit were performing at a gas station

    This week, Brian Baker made a Facebook event titled "Limp Bizkit Comes to the Sunoco on Wayne" for...

  10. 30-year old male jailed for stealing 27 phones at a Limp Bizkit concert

    According to a report from, 30-year old male Stefu Costel has been sentenced...

  11. “Fans are the greatest danger to themselves”—How safe are we at shows?

  12. He Is Legend return to the stage

    After a tweet in late december about a new record, He Is Legend have officially returned to the...