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All Entries Tagged: Cove Reber

  1. Saosin may re-introduce Cove Reber-era songs into live rotation

    Would you like to see Saosin perform “Voices” with Anthony Green? You might have the opportunity...

  2. Former Saosin vocalist Cove Reber shares comment on band’s current form

    Recently, former Saosin vocalist shared what looks to be a stanza of lyrics on Instagram. A fan commented...

  3. Why it’s time for a new Saosin album—even if it means no Circa Survive for a while

  4. Former Saosin vocalist Cove Reber comments on band’s reunion with Anthony Green

    Former Saosin vocalist Cove Reber—who replaced original singer Anthony Green but parted ways with the band...

  5. Cove Reber clarifies song from his new band is unofficial demo

    UPDATE 11:49 a.m. 4/7 Cove Reber tweeted to Altpress that the song that found its way online earlier this...