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All Entries Tagged: Dischord Records

  1. Influential punk label Dischord Records now has its entire catalog streaming for free

    Legendary D.C. punk label Dischord Records has made its entire catalog free to stream online! Check out...

  2. 10 songs that will make you a fan of hardcore in no time

  3. Memorial show for John Stabb of Government Issue in DC tonight

    Photo: John Stabb Facebook page.Boycott Cancer, a benefit show in tribute to Government Issue singer John &ldquo...

  4. Fugazi’s ‘First Demo’ to be released this winter

    Dischord Records have announced that they will release Fugazi’s First Demo this winter. The band&rsquo...

  5. Album Premiere: E.D. Sedgwick, ‘We Wear White’

  6. Office Of Future Plans - Office Of Future Plans

  7. Joe Lally - Why Should I Get Used To It