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All Entries Tagged: Dubstep

  1. There are now public DJ booths in European parks

    Dutch company Yalp has put these solar-powered, public, outdoor DJ booths (“Fonos”) in parks throughout...

  2. Dubstep circle pits are a thing now, and they look pretty awful

    No, that isn’t the apocalypse you see below; it’s a dubstep circle pit. The...

  3. “Fangirl” and “dubstep” are now in the dictionary

    Merriam-Webster have revealed 150 new words, all of which will be added to the collegiate dictionary in 2014. As Time...

  4. Wobbling Amish: A simple young man of simple means hopes you’re ready to steam-step

  5. Borgore - Flex EP

  6. Dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga book North American tour

    U.K. dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga [pictured] are headed to North America this fall for a co-headlining...

  7. Christofer Drew (of Never Shout Never) starts dubstep side project, “GONZO”

    Christofer Drew, best known as the frontman of Never Shout Never, has jumped on the dubstep trend and...