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All Entries Tagged: Far

  1. Moral Mazes - Magic Tommy Jackson EP

  2. Black Map - Driver EP

  3. ††† (Crosses) stream new single, “bi†ches brew”

    ††† (Crosses, the trio of Chino Moreno, Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom) are streaming their...

  4. ††† (Crosses, members of Deftones and Far on Sumerian Records) stream new single, “†he epilogue”

    ††† (Crosses) are streaming "†he epilogue," the lead single to †he...

  5. ††† (Crosses, members of Deftones and Far) join the Sumerian Records roster

    ††† (Crosses), best known as the side project of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, Chuck Doom and...

  6. I Is Another - I Is Another EP

  7. Members of Far, Rival Schools form I Is Another

    Jonah Matranga of Far and Ian Love of Rival Schools have joined forces for a new project,...

  8. ††† - EP †