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All Entries Tagged: Frank-iero

  1. 10 post-My Chemical Romance songs that prove life’s not so bad

  2. Just musicians smiling. That’s literally it.

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    After getting a nod from Matt Skiba for a menu inspired by Alkaline Trio, Vinnie's Pizzeria...

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    You know when you spot a person wearing a tee from your favorite band and you think, "Wow,...

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    If our fave scene icons were to head to the big screen, we'd already have some dream...

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    In case you didn't already realize, Frank Iero has one of the best Twitter accounts—and...

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    Every Time I Die's ‘Tid The Season holiday show is already an epic affair, and...

  9. Watch Frank Iero play acoustically in his room for charity

    [Photo by: MyMusicRx/YouTube] Frank Iero shared an acoustic performance of “B.F.F.,” and it...

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