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All Entries Tagged: Hardcore

  1. Turnstile issue new track, “Moon,” announce new album pre-order

    [Photo by: Turnstile/YouTube] Maryland-based hardcore outfit Turnstile have issued “Moon,” the third track from their...

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  6. People think Taylor Swift is about to release a hardcore album, and it’s actually hilarious

    [Photo by: Taylor Swift/Twitter] Today, Taylor Swift announced her sixth studio album, Reputation, due out in November....

  7. FREE (ex-Have Heart) release new EP, ‘Ex Tenebris’—listen

    (Photo: Reid Haithcock) FREE, the Massachusetts hardcore band with four-fifths members of Have Heart, have released a...

  8. Incendiary talk hardcore, new album, premiere “Fact Or Fiction”—exclusive

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  10. Illinois hardcore band Ghost Key sign to InVogue Records

  11. Hardcore band plays at chicken restaurant, because why not?

    Have you ever sat in a restaurant eating a chicken sandwich thinking that the only thing that could...

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