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All Entries Tagged: Metal

  1. QUIZ: Can you guess which crazy metal band name is real?

  2. This black metal album cover is flipping out metalheads

    [Photos by: Sacred Son/Bandcamp, Encyclopaedia Metallum]A new album cover is apparently causing quite a stir in...

  3. EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Loincloth’s “Ibex (To Burn In Hell Is To Refine)” from new album

  4. Korn’s Jonathan Davis has a message for Babymetal haters

    When it comes to Babymetal, music fans seem to have a mixed response—and it’s...

  5. WWE Superstars Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, more reveal their favorite rock and metal bands

    [Photo by: Braun Strowman/Instagram]Last weekend's WWE 2K18 Summerslam Kickoff was an exciting time for wrestling...

  6. Top 10 most metal anime theme songs, ranked

  7. Watch an insect headbang to death metal

    Do insects like death metal? A viral video from Facebook page Guttural Extreme apparently shows that arthropods can...

  8. 6 bands that will scare the s*** out of you

  9. Extreme brotherhood: 10 metal bands with siblings

  10. ‘Metal Cats’ is the purr-fect coloring book for the feline-loving headbanger

    [Cat images via PNG Mart]Are you a cat lover? Metalhead? Do you like coloring books? Well, if...

  11. How Avatar are staking their claim in the metal ‘parallel universe’

  12. ‘Star Wars’ actor Oscar Isaac is a fan of doom metal, likes Sleep’s ‘Dopesmoker’

    [Photo credits: Sleep website/Facebook]Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac is reportedly a big fan of doom metal,...