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All Entries Tagged: Paramore

  1. Paramore release blooper reel from “Hard Times” music video

    [Photo by: Paramore/Twitter]Paramore's music video for "Hard Times" recently hit 50 million views on YouTube, and...

  2. Lil Aaron revives meme-tastic dancing goth clip with ‘Hot Topic’ video

    [Photo by: Lil Aaron/Twitter]Say what you want about Lil Aaron, but the guy’s got...

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  5. Watch Paramore’s emotional performance of “26” on NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

    [Photo by: NPR]Paramore recently stopped by NPR Music to perform a few tracks off their most recent...

  6. 23 stunning photos of Paramore in Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre

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  8. Everything you need to know about emo past and present

    We never realized how much controversy the e-word would radiate in a music world where so many bands...

  9. Watch Paramore’s stripped down version of “Fake Happy”

    Paramore were busy the weekend of Riot Fest. Before they performed at the festival, Paramore gave an intimate...

  10. Paramore’s Hayley Williams and PVRIS cover Tegan and Sara on upcoming compilation

    [Photos by: PVRIS / Eliot Lee Hazel, Tegan and Sara / Pamela Littky]With this year being the ten...

  11. Paramore add three more dates to upcoming tour

    Paramore are giving U.K. and European fans a few extra dates to celebrate the release of After...

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