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All Entries Tagged: Pop-punk

  1. Pop-punk musical mixes nostalgia with social commentary on genre’s issues

  2. Someone made Nirvana’s “Teen Spirit” a major-key, pop-punk jaunt—listen

    [Photo by: NirvanaVEVO/YouTube]"It's easy to see without looking too far," Bob Dylan sang in 1965, "that...

  3. 10 European pop-punk bands you need to know

  4. THE NOSH PIT: Pop-Punkin Pie, a twist on the classic Thanksgiving staple

    Show your friends and family your true colors this Thanksgiving. Enjoy the twist on a classic favorite: pumpkin...

  5. The 50 greatest pop-punk albums of all time, according to ‘Rolling Stone’

    After compiling the best emo and punk records, Rolling Stone now selected the 50 greatest pop-punk albums of all...

  6. Things you should never say to a pop-punk kid

  7. Throwback pop punk trio Eternal Boy drop new track “Growing Pains”—listen

  8. 10 bands proving that Long Island pop punk isn’t dead

  9. 19 band memes to brighten up your day

  10. Chicago pop-punkers Sleep On It premiere goofy, (hot) dog-filled song/video for “See You Around”

  11. British pop-punks WSTR’s frontman discusses the rocky road to his band’s record deal

  12. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong explains why he wants “to destroy the phrase ‘pop-punk’”

    In December of 2015, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong took to Twitter, announcing his "mission" for 2016: "destroy the...