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All Entries Tagged: Telle-smith

  1. Aaron Gillespie responds to fan who says Underoath sold out

    [Photo by: Nick Fancher] Aaron Gillespie shared an emotional tweet in response to a fan who accused ...

  2. Katy Perry smoked weed out of an apple and Telle Smith lived to tell the tale

    There are some moments in life you never forget–your first kiss, the first time you say ...

  3. The Word Alive rise above the noise on hip-hop-tinged new song “Human”—listen

  4. Telle Smith’s My Chemical Romance cover will make you feel all kinds of nostalgic

    [Photo by: Telle Smith/Instagram, My Chemical Romance/YouTube] We miss My Chemical Romance. You know who...

  5. Paul Bartolome’s (Bad Fortune) solo debut features Telle Smith and more

    [Photo by: @andrei_restrepo/Dave Escamilla/Instagram] Paul Bartolome, best known for his collaboration, Bad Fortune, with Dave...

  6. The Word Alive’s Telle Smith also broke his knee during onstage accident

    [Photo by: Telle Smith/Instagram] Talk about a disappointing development: Not only did the Word Alive vocalist Telle...

  7. The Word Alive’s Telle Smith suffers compound fracture—here’s how you can help him out

    [Photo by: telletwa/Instagram] At last night's show in Los Angeles, the Word Alive's ...

  8. Behind The Fallen’s heavy “Reflections” features the Word Alive’s Telle Smith—listen

  9. Echo Black premiere new single “Perfect” feat. Telle Smith of the Word Alive—listen (exclusive)

  10. The Word Alive vocalist Telle Smith breaks multiple bones during stage dive

    Last week, during their performance in Pomona, California, the Word Alive’s Telle Smith stage dove and...

  11. 15 Cutest Moments with Telle Smith and Colby Jack

  12. “You’re not just a number”—How Pinyata could redefine online interactions between bands and fans