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All Entries Tagged: The-aquabats

  1. Gerard Way And The Hormones make surprise live debut at Warner Bros. Summer Sessions

    Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way made a surprise appearance at Warner Bros. headquarters in Burbank...

  2. Weekly Playlist #41: Songs About Pizza

  3. Weekly Playlist #33: 10 Essential third-wave ska songs about food

  4. “It’s connected deeply to what I was before I started My Chemical Romance” - Gerard Way on new music

    "I turned back into a pumpkin," Gerard Way used a reverse Cinderella metaphor to describe his next step...

  5. “I’m definitely not taking a break” - Gerard Way talks future musical ventures

    In a new article from Yahoo! Music, former My Chemical Romance frontman and newly announced AP 300 cover star...

  6. Gerard and Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) discuss working with The Aquabats

    My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way and bassist Mikey Way appear on today's installment of Kevin Smith'...