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You’ll be able to stream every 2021 Warner Bros. film, but there’s a catch

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the film industry has had to make some big adjustments. After several release delays throughout the year, some films hit theaters and faced poor box office numbers while others went straight to streaming services. Now, it looks like Warner Bros. plans to do both. This week, Warner Bros. announced that […]

See what’s in store for the Warrens in this first look at ‘The Conjuring 3’

It feels like we’ve been waiting for ages for the release of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. Now, fans are finally getting a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated film that is due out on June 4, 2021. Read more: Tom Holland just spilled some major news about ‘Spider-Man 3’ Due to the […]

The scariest film of all time according to science might surprise you

Since the spooky season is finally here, many of us are snuggling up to massive bowls of popcorn and watching some of the scariest films. Now, one study has officially revealed which movie is scientifically the scariest of all time and, well, movie lovers have a lot of opinions. Read more: Billie Joe Armstrong would […]

20 modern horror classics so original, they’ll never need a remake

Take a random sampling of horror movie fans, ask them what their No. 1 complaint about the genre is and odds are they’ll all answer: too many remakes. As Hollywood continues to strip mine the past for profit, horrorphiles are left asking, “Where has all the originality gone?” Fear not: It’s not all bad news […]

Annabelle has left the Warren’s museum but not for the reason you think

Last week, rumors swirled on the internet that the haunted doll that inspired The Conjuring and Annabelle film franchises escaped from the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut. Now, Tony Spera, the son-in-law of late paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, has confirmed the doll did not escape last week. However, in a new video, Spera […]

No, the Annabelle doll didn’t actually escape from the Warren’s museum

On Aug. 14, the doll from the Annabelle and The Conjuring film franchises became a trending topic on Twitter. Some users feared that the spooky doll had escaped from the Warren Occult Museum in Connecticut. The trending topic has gained over 250,000 mentions on the social media platform. Now, the real reason why the Annabelle […]

This Reddit post is being turned into a horror adaptation for Netflix

It looks like another adaptation is heading to Netflix. This week, it’s been announced that the Reddit horror story My Wife And I Bought A Ranch is now being adapted for the streaming service. In a recent bidding war, Netflix won the rights to the viral short story in a whopping seven-figure deal. Read more: […]

It looks like we may be waiting longer to see ‘Conjuring 3’ on the big screen

Back in March, fans got their first look into what The Conjuring 3 will entail. Officially titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the franchise’s third installment was set to arrive this fall. However, a new report predicts that studios are reassessing films’ release dates as the coronavirus pandemic continues. It also says that […]

You can visit the actual house from ‘The Conjuring’ from your own couch

If you’ve ever wanted to see the house from The Conjuring for yourself, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t going to stop anyone from getting to do so as the owners are offering virtual tours for a week straight. Along with The Dark Zone Network, the owners are offering an interactive tour of the house in May. Read More: Jack Osbourne […]

'The Conjuring 3' is breaking away from "haunted house formula"

The Conjuring‘s third instalment in the series, officially titled The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, is arriving this fall barring any delays related to production issues from coronavirus and they’re revealing it will offer something new to horror fans. According to screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the new film is “completely different” from the first two and […]

27 iconic horror villains ranked in order of most terrifying

Over the years, horror films have created some of the most lasting characters in entertainment through terrifying viewers to the point where they’ll never forget the figure behind the madness. Everyone who watches scary movies has one character who’s etched into their brain, but some are clearly worse than others. Take a look below to […]

Top 10 most anticipated horror films releasing in 2020

The start of the new year means another chapter of psychological thrills and blood-spattered imagery for horror fans around the globe.  2020 will see fan favorites such as John Carpenter, Jordan Peele and James Wan with other fresh and horrifying ideas thrown into the mix. From Michael Myers to the Candyman, these films will surely […]

'The Conjuring' real-life house is actually haunted, owners say

Buying a house from an iconic horror film seems all fun and games, but the owners of the house from The Conjuring are saying otherwise. A couple who recently purchased the historic Harrisville, Rhode Island, home say they’re being haunted after settling in the home. Read More: Tool fan Justin Bieber proves devotion by quizzing fans […]

‘Annabelle Comes Home” poster will have you looking over your shoulder

Annabelle Comes Home is gearing up to hit theaters next week, and the film dropped a horrifying new poster that is guaranteed to give us nightmares. The latest poster shows the possessed doll lurking behind a sleeping Judy in bed. Read more: CHVRCHES “look at it one way:” Tyga on Marshmello, Chris Brown drama You […]

'The Nun' themed birthday party is a 3-year-old's nightmare come true

When 3-year-old Lucia asked her mom for a The Nun themed birthday party, they probably didn’t expect it to go viral. There are many adults who can’t make it through The Conjuring 2 spin-off, so it’s definitely surprising that a 3-year-old would be so eager to have a party based off the 2018 horror movie. But that’s exactly what […]

‘It’ writer details hardest part about adapting Stephen King novel

Writing a Stephen King horror film can’t be easy, and one writer has now opened up about the hardest part about bringing the most famous scary stories to the big screen. Gary Dauberman is known for his various filmmaking roles in films such as The Conjuring, It, and now, ‘Salmen’s Lot, an adaptation of a […]

'The Conjuring 3’ director teases film with ominous photo, quote

The Conjuring is getting a third film in the series, and the director of the film teased fans with an image on his website. The film franchise is based on true events of investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, the latter who died at age 92 last week. Read more: Did Aftershock accidentally leak their lineup […]

Paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren dies at 92

Lorraine Warren, a paranormal investigator whose work inspired The Conjuring franchise, has died. She was 92. Warren and her husband Ed were involved in several huge paranormal cases throughout the years, including the “Amityville Horror” hauntings. Read more: ‘Toy Story 4’ teaser freaks out fans with realistic animation The Annabelle, Perron family and “Enfield Poltergeist” […]

14 things horror movies totally ruined for us

Horror movies have covered every topic known to man, and we mean every topic. We mean, have you seen the movie Teeth? Our favorite gruesome, bloody and deranged films have perhaps caused some of us to develop fears of normal places and things. For example, the whole state of Connecticut is depicted as being full […]

‘Aquaman’ will have a horror movie character cameo

We’re weeks away from DC’s latest film adaptation Aquaman starring Jason Momoa as the titular character. With anticipation rising, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped the final trailer last month. With the last official clips, it seemed there were no surprises left—until today. James Wan is helming directing duties on the upcoming superhero flick, but those aren’t the type […]
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