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10 best Taylor Swift scene covers

Taylor Swift has continued to have a lasting influence on many artists. From MUNA to We Came As Romans, here are the 10 best scene covers of her music.

10 bands from the late 2000s who broke up way too soon

There’s nothing more devastating than a band breakup. If you’ve been invested in the alternative music scene for more than a day, you probably know that feeling all too well. If not, then it’s just a matter of time… We’ve been fortunate enough to follow a number of our favorite 2000s scene outfits through long-lasting […]

10 bands that ultimately morphed into the ones we know today

We know how to exhaust the discographies of our favorite bands, going back to their early foundations. But how often do we follow their journeys back to where they really started? Prior to achieving career success, many now-iconic artists started somewhere else entirely. Often, we’re so removed from these preceding outfits that we don’t even […]

20 alternative songs you didn’t realize were recorded in Simlish

The Sims franchise has been going for a long time. Those pixelated people in their simulated homes and their intricate stories have been inspiring and entertaining the masses since 2000 with the release of The Sims for PC. Creator Will Wright put his heart and soul into the games, and it shows.  But what about […]

10 pop-punk artists who started out in a completely different genre

Lately, Machine Gun Kelly has been making waves in the pop-punk scene. His massive transition from hip-hop has brought the genre back to the mainstream spotlight, granting opportunities for other pop culture icons such as Halsey to try on a mid-2000s sound. While MGK‘s Tickets To My Downfall has become a divisive subject in the […]

10 underrated albums from the 2000s you probably forgot about

Anyone who’s had any kind of scene phase is likely to look back on the 2000s fondly. With numerous hit alternative albums, including Paramore‘s Riot! and Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue, we were really blessed with some great music. Unfortunately, our nostalgia really only tends to gravitate toward a small number of the decade’s countless masterpieces. Don’t believe us? Dig up […]

QUIZ: Which neon-pop punk band are you?

2020 has really made many of us miss the good old days where we could blast “Party In Your Bedroom” by Cash Cash on our iPod Nano while taking a new cringey Myspace or Facebook profile picture with neon shutter shades and silicone bracelets. The late 2000s and early 2010s were the height of breezy pop […]

20 scene albums from 2009 that dominated your iPod playlists

In 2009, Myspace was beginning to disintegrate, and scene bands were growing less and less popular. Despite their distinct capabilities of genre-blending emo, pop punk, metalcore, neon pop, electronica and more, the scene started to die and was aching for a rebirth. As the year progressed, new bands emerged, and seasoned musicians cultivated their craft […]

These 10 neon pop-punk bands should reunite much sooner than later

It’s safe to say that the short-lived, synth-driven neon pop-punk scene was equally loved and loathed. In a world where everybody needs to be the heaviest, coolest or (admit it) most famous, this was a scene that did not take itself seriously. That’s not to say writing a killer hook is a piece of cake. […]

It looks like Forever The Sickest Kids could be making a comeback

On June 18, Alternative Press ran a feature about the ten neon-pop bands that need to make a comeback. Hey Monday, Forever The Sickest Kids, Cobra Starship and The Friday Night Boys were just a few of the bands to be featured on the list. Now, it appears that Forever The Sickest Kids have confirmed […]

10 neon-pop bands who need to make a comeback

The late 2000s through early 2010s were defined in our scene by catchy synths intertwined with pop-like melodies, garnering the name “neon pop” or “neon pop punk.” With merch that was just as bright as the dance anthems that were produced, we can’t help but look back on the short-lived genre with fondness and a […]

Jack Barakat plays first show under WhoHurtYou project

It’s hard to believe its been five months since All Time Low guitarist Jack Barakat first started posting teasers for his new project WhoHurtYou. Together with bandmate Kevin Fisher, the duo have continued to celebrate a year of firsts with their innaugural song, EP and now show. Barakat is venturing into a more alt-pop sound […]

Hoodie Allen reps his pop-punk upbringing on ‘Whatever USA‘

It may seem like the anti-genre revolution engulfing the music world as of late is a shiny new trend, but artists such as Hoodie Allen beg to differ. As a musician who’s constantly skirted genre constraints throughout his career, Allen was hanging with the alternative crowd way before it was cool.  Allen dropped his painstakingly […]

Remember when blackbear used to be in a scene band?

blackbear (aka Mat Musto) is hard to put in a genre-defining box, and it appears he likes it that way as he currently toes the line between rap and electro-pop. Musto has a storied history in the music scene, however, having gotten his start as the frontman of Florida-based pop-punk act Polaroid before rising through […]

Feel-good tweets we all needed this week

[Photo by: @whatever4evr/Twitter, @kellencake/Twitter, @andrewgoldstein/Twitter] It’s been a very long, heartbreaking week for the music industry. Every day seemed to bring a new wave of bad news, making it hard to find the positives in a place we often find ourselves running to in order to escape the bad. We’ve complied a list of feel-good tweets […]

Fifteen Memorable Fueled By Ramen Videos

In honor of Fueled By Ramen's 15th birthday, we picked out 15 memorable videos for songs released by the label–and, of course, a bonus clip to grow on. Enjoy! Fall Out Boy, “Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy” Fall Out Boy’s most popular video while on Fueled By Ramen, the clip actually became more popular—just […]

Exclusive Q&A: Shaant Hacikyan opens up about the new Cute Is What We Aim For

At 2:36 a.m. on August 18, CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR founding member and frontman SHAANT HACIKYAN entered an unexpected Twitter update. The message: “I’m going solo. Thank you for every inkling of support.” While fans may have been caught off-guard, it came as no shock to those close to the band, which had […]

The Friday Night Boys - Off The Deep End

Off The Deep End [2.5/5] The Friday Night Boys take you on a colorful Ferris wheel-ride rife with breathless hooks and punchy pop rhythms polished to a blinding sheen. Their puppy-love romantic entanglements go ’round and ’round, and while they may not get anywhere, it can be a fun spin, provided you haven’t already done […]

A conversation with We The Kings' Travis Clark

WE THE KINGS are on an emotional roller coaster. While they’re bummed they’ll be winding down the Glamour Kills Tour with their buddies All Time Low, they’re stoked that their sophomore full-length, Smile Kid, is finally set to drop next week. And although their current tour is about to end, that doesn’t mean WTK are […]

The Friday Night Boys Play Warped Tour For The First Time

The Friday Night Boys stop by Warped Tour in Salt Lake City to play a set on the tour for the first time.
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