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The Lead – Tapes And Tapes: Are bands going overboard with backing tracks?
The use of backing tracks—pre-recorded material or other selected sonic elements from a band’s record—played during an artists’ live performance is essentially a public secret. The world is familiar with Ashlee Simpson’s meltdown on Saturday Night Live, while the legendary unmasking of doomed ’80s pop-duo Milli Vanilli miming to tracks forced them to have their Grammy awards revoked. The use of
Have Your People Call My People: 10 awesome collaborations from 2012
Have Your People Call My People: 10 awesome collaborations from 2012
Since the dawn of rock music, bands in every subgenre have been releasing split records with their friends or teaming up to perform on the actual songs. Since all music scenes are built on the concept of like-minded community, we picked 10 collaborations (6 songs and 4 split EPs) issued this year that we think worked out great and showed not only amazing musicianship, but also fostered that spiri
Sex, Squats And Soundgarden: Green Day When They Were 20
(photo credit: Jonathan Weiner) Crawling up from the underground in the early ’90s, Nirvana and the entire grunge movement shoved their unusually soiled flannels in the mainstream’s face. Though Green Day were still bouncing around in crappy vans, loading their own gear and playing the DIY punk-club circuit, it was a palpably energized time for music subcultures far and wide. Grunge was ... Re
The Lead: The Ecstasy Of The Agony: When Musicians Get Hurt (Too)
The Lead: The Ecstasy Of The Agony: When Musicians Get Hurt (Too)
Musicians constantly injure themselves while going haywire onstage, but we’re here today to celebrate those who soldiered through the pain and persevered. Whether they broke bones and finished the show or retooled their instrument to fit their injury without stopping a tour, we’d like to salute the following seven rockers for showing some serious dedication to their craft. Matthew ...
Shane Henderson on life after Valencia and going solo
When you're young and involved in a job that consumes your life, it's pretty damn hard to have the foresight and understanding that it won't last forever. I myself have fallen victim to wide eyes and naive thoughts many times, but sometimes you just know when it is time to try something different. As simple ...
Early days of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth featured in new book ‘Murder In The Front Row’
While the average reader may not be old enough to remember the burgeoning metal scene that existed in California's Bay Area in the early 80s, chances are good some of your favorite bands do--countless contemporary metal acts count bands like Metallica and Slayer among their influences, and even if they don't, plenty of them grew up listening to it (Looking in your direction, Gerard

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