The Polar Express

QUIZ: Make an emo playlist, and we’ll give you a Christmas movie to watch

There’s only a short window of time when Christmas movies feel relevant. Unfortunately, due to rapidly growing selections offered by streaming services, that means you’re going to have to do some prioritizing. Never fear, we are here to make the hard decisions for you. Because really, who needs any added stress during the holiday season? […]

10 Christmas movies that weren’t supposed to be creepy

The holidays are filled with laughter and joy, which is usually the case in most of the popular Christmas movies people like watching this time of year. However, despite the holiday cheer, a few classic seasonal films are filled with creepy characters and moments that we just couldn’t help but notice. Read more: Walmart pulls […]

13 childhood Christmas movies you may have forgotten about

It’s December, meaning it’s time to watch Christmas movies all day long and avoid the outdoors at all costs. Everyone knows the big ones such as Elf, The Polar Express and Home Alone, but there are so many worthy holiday flicks you may have forgotten about. This list will teleport you back in time and […]