The Quarantine Coloring Book

Jordan Buckley teases Every Time I Die's new album by drawing its lyrics

Every Time I Die are preparing to drop their ninth full-length and guitarist Jordan Buckley is offering a look at some of his illustrative work taking Keith Buckley‘s new lyrics for typography inspiration. The guitarist is giving fans a look at a handful of new drawings he’s working on while developing his skills on drawing out words. Read More: […]

You could see these sketches from Gerard Way in a new comic some day

Gerard Way is releasing another page from his and Youth Code’s Sara Taylor’s The Quarantine Coloring Book today with a drawing Way made himself. The new page marks the last from Volume I showing off characters from comic book Gerard Way might be putting together eventually. Read More: Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic has news for coronavirus conspiracy believers The “Pink […]

Frank Iero wants you to color this cowboy riding a dog for a good cause

Back in April, Gerard Way announced that he had partnered with Youth Code’s Sara Taylor and created The Quarantine Coloring Book to keep us all busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve already received a page from My Chemical Romance lead guitarist Ray Toro. Now, it’s rhythm guitarist Frank Iero‘s turn with his very own coloring page.  Iero’s contribution to the […]

Ray Toro reveals his little-known hobby with a new coloring page

Last week, Gerard Way announced The Quarantine Coloring Book, a 100% free and downloadable coloring book. Partnering with various artists, the project was created by Gerard Way and Youth Code’s Sara Taylor as a way to keep us all busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a new page set to be uploaded every day, today’s […]