the rock show

20 songs we need to see Tom DeLonge perform with blink-182 again

Most people would take any concert over sitting at home at this point, but blink-182 aren’t making the wait any easier. With rumors of an eventual reunion with Tom DeLonge swirling around at the most frustrating possible time, imaginations and shaky live footage are the only things fans have to remember the pre-distancing era. For now, […]

An iconic piece of blink-182 history was found in a junkyard

Were you the ultimate fan of blink-182‘s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket? If so, you’re going to be amazed and sad. If you weren’t, you’ll still be excited, nostalgic and probably less sad. One person just revealed that they found the van used in “The Rock Show” video in a junkyard.  That’s right. The iconic […]