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See where Klaus ends up in issue two of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ spinoff

Things are getting even weirder for Klaus Hargreeves in issue two of You Look Like Death: Tales From The Umbrella Academy. Gerard Way and Shaun Simon are back at it again—sending Number Four on an odyssey through Hollywood. Klaus channels the spirits of the tap-dancing dead with a vampire-chimp drug lord hot on his trail. […]

Here’s what to expect in Gerard Way's Klaus-centric ‘You Look Like Death’

Ever since The Umbrella Academy became a massive Netflix hit, its characters have gone from indie comics darlings to household names. Anyone with a Netflix password now has the strange and unusual world of the Hargreeves primed for their viewing pleasure. Yes, we may be two seasons deep. Sure, we have three trade paperbacks of […]

15 items you need to enroll at ‘The Umbrella Academy’ before season 2

Fans of The Umbrella Academy have been eagerly anticipating the Netflix series’ second season ever since the first premiered. The streaming service finally revealed the launch date for season 2 and some new photos. In preparation for its July 31 return, we’re rounding up some items you can get before your inevitable binge-watch.  Take a […]