the slackers

10 ska songs about food to prep your appetite for that family picnic

Ska-B-Q: (noun) a social gathering taking place outdoors where food is prepared over an open flame, and music with reggae, punk rock and pop influence is played exclusively.  For your summer Ska-B-Q playlist, these songs are sure to put burgers in friends’ hands get them skanking all the way to the condiment table.  Read more: […]

Under The Covers: Jack's Mannequin vs. the Slackers

You think it’s hard to write an original song? Try finding a cover song that hasn’t been done before—it’s harder than you think. That’s why we bring you Under The Covers: Each week, we’ll pit two bands who have covered the same source material against one another, and it’s up to you to decide who comes out on […]