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Sad Summer Festival reveals 2024 lineup

The touring pop-punk festival returns for its fifth anniversary, featuring Mayday Parade, the Maine, the Wonder Years, and more.

How 13 women helped bring this year's Sad Summer Fest to life

From tour managers and videographers to merch managers and beyond. Meet the women who are bringing this year’s Sad Summer Fest to life.

10 best emo albums of 2011, from Taking Back Sunday to Sleeping With Sirens

To properly dissect the best emo albums from 2011, one must not be afraid to use the term “emo” broadly, as this style of music can take shape across multiple genres. In 2011, emo was arguably at its lowest point commercially, as the mid-to-late 2000s boom had slowly faded away at the turn of the […]

Waterparks, Limp Bizkit and 8 other things you need to check out this week

Check out The Latest – for all the essential new music, tickets and livestreams you need right now.   Waterparks and Neck Deep unite for Sad Summer   …and they’re bringing Mayday Parade, The Summer Set, Against The Current, State Champs and more along for the ride, too. These shows are going to be a lot […]

Bamboozle sets the stage for the legendary festival to return in 2023

Legendary music festival Bamboozle has officially announced its return. The event will come back to Asbury Park, New Jersey in 2023, just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut. The reveal was accompanied by a video, posted to the official Bamboozle website and social media. While the festival has yet to announce […]

15 alternative artists using their platform and voice for positive activism

Today, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing musicians and other public figures using their platforms to support great causes. In the alternative scene, it’s fairly common for song lyrics to offer commentary on social and political issues. Fortunately, it’s becoming just as common to see artists taking things one step further by taking action. We’re […]

Hit Like A Girl opens 2021 drumming contest voting—here’s how to support

Public voting has opened for the 2021 Hit Like A Girl contest. Each year, the international contest returns to promote the visibility of female drummers and percussionists. Supporters can now cast votes for their favorite contestants. They can submit one vote per person per day through April 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST by logging in […]

10 women in pop-punk who have left an unforgettable impact on the genre

It’s well known that, historically, pop punk has been a bit of a boys’ club. But that just makes the continued influences of prominent women all the more impressive. From setting genre foundations (Gwen Stefani) to pushing sonic boundaries (Lynn Gunn), women have catalyzed the growth of the scene for decades. Of course, we’re not going to let […]

10 women drummers who are inspiring the next generation of musicians

At this point, many of us are aware that the music industry is male-dominated when it comes to band leaders. However, when you look at musicians drumming at the back of the stage, there are even fewer women in that position. By showcasing some of our favorite women in the drumming world today, we’re proving […]

Hit Like A Girl announces 2021 drumming contest—here’s how to enter

Hit Like A Girl drumming contest is returning for its tenth year of competition. The international contest was designed to raise the visibility of female drummers and percussionists. Additionally, it promotes drumming for girls and women regardless of their age or skill level. Drum industry veteran and Hit Like A Girl Executive Director David Levine […]

20 pop-punk drummers who set the beat for the whole genre

If you’ve been a pop-punk fan for quite some time now, we’re willing to bet it was a fast, upbeat song that first made you fall in love with the genre. You probably still remember the jolt of energy you felt when your now-favorite songs blasted through your speakers for the first time, and you […]

20 albums you won’t believe are turning 10 in 2021

2011, like the years that preceded it, gave us a number of great alternative albums. But can you believe that 2021 is going to bring their 10-year anniversaries? Just like the 2000s came to pass in the blink of an eye, so did the last decade. And so we’re left soaking in nostalgia and wondering where the […]

QUIZ: Can you match these neon-pop lyrics to the bands who sang them?

It’s impossible to picture the 2000s alternative music scene without the added flair of neon pop punk. Between its bright fashion, catchy lyrics and synth-ridden melodies, the era is the one that stands out most from the decade. Even 10 years out from the neon heyday, we’re still struggling to get a number of songs […]

QUIZ: Which legendary drummer are you the most like?

Without drummers, rock music would be so boring. Thanks to the likes of blink-182’s Travis Barker, twenty one pilots’ Josh Dun, kid extraordinaire Nandi Bushell, the Summer Set’s Jess Bowen and many, many more, they give songs driving beats and rhythms that make you want to headbang. Despite being placed at the back of the […]

QUIZ: Which neon-pop punk band are you?

2020 has really made many of us miss the good old days where we could blast “Party In Your Bedroom” by Cash Cash on our iPod Nano while taking a new cringey Myspace or Facebook profile picture with neon shutter shades and silicone bracelets. The late 2000s and early 2010s were the height of breezy pop […]

These 10 neon pop-punk bands should reunite much sooner than later

It’s safe to say that the short-lived, synth-driven neon pop-punk scene was equally loved and loathed. In a world where everybody needs to be the heaviest, coolest or (admit it) most famous, this was a scene that did not take itself seriously. That’s not to say writing a killer hook is a piece of cake. […]

10 neon-pop bands who need to make a comeback

The late 2000s through early 2010s were defined in our scene by catchy synths intertwined with pop-like melodies, garnering the name “neon pop” or “neon pop punk.” With merch that was just as bright as the dance anthems that were produced, we can’t help but look back on the short-lived genre with fondness and a […]

10 unexpected cameos Fall Out Boy snuck in their music videos

Fall Out Boy are one of the biggest bands in the scene, and they certainly have the music video cameo appearances to prove it. From fellow musicians all the way to reality stars, the rock quartet made memorable, hilarious videos to their most famous tracks with help from special guests.  From the guest themselves to […]

Here are the winners for the 2020 Hit Like A Girl drumming contest

The Hit Like A Girl drumming contest returned for its tenth year of competition. The international contest has been giving female drummers and percussionists a platform since 2011. In turn, it encourages drumming for girls and women regardless of their age or playing level. Following the April 12 deadline, Hit Like A Girl is now revealing […]

See TWIN XL take “Melt” to the next level without being in the same room

TWIN XL may not be able to see each other in person, but the band put their heads together to create a nostalgic and vibrant music video with TV sets for “Melt” in quarantine, which is exclusively being premiered with AltPress. Pop trio Cameron Walker-Wright (Nekokat) and brothers John and Stephen Gomez (The Summer Set) […]
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