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Trisha Paytas drops My Chemical Romance and is now angering Korn fans

Trisha Paytas is back to doing whatever you want to call what she does. We’ll say, she’s back to stirring up controversy with alternative fans. This time, she’s using nu-metal titans Korn.  Paytas has already angered the emo community with her My Chemical Romance “Helena” recreation, the LGBTQ+ community with her homophobic and transphobic comments, […]

Trisha Paytas dancing to I Set My Friends On Fire gets an obvious reaction

Music fans endlessly mocked YouTuber and internet personality Trisha Paytas back in February when she made a god awful recreation of My Chemical Romance‘s “Helena” video and people are back to tearing her apart after she posted a dancing video on her TikTok page. In the clip, she attempts to lip-sync to an I Set My Friends […]

Logan Paul lip-syncs MCR after emo makeover and the scene is not happy

Logan Paul has officially capitalized on the rampant 2019 meme of his emo doppelgänger. The YouTuber committed to a full makeover to match the person in the meme and some people aren’t happy. The makeover occurs in his newest video and Paul proceeds to do a bunch of stereotypically “emo” things such as lip-syncing My […]

My Chemical Romance fan Trisha Paytas defends “Helena” recreation

My Chemical Romance have a massive amount of fans. They’re one of the biggest bands in the world and they just had one of the biggest reunions of all time. They’ve sold out most of their shows immediately and continue to keep fans on the edge of their seats. YouTube and internet personality Trisha Paytas […]