Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s IBARAKI joined by Gerard Way on “Rōnin”

Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s IBARAKI has enlisted My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way for “Rōnin.” The new track comes from the Trivium frontman’s anticipated upcoming project Rashōmon. Ihsahn of Emperor also appears on the track. IBARAKI’s song fluidly crosses the musical spectrum. We hear delicately arranged instrumentals, driving, sinewy guitar lines and the brutal churning rhythms of […]

20 greatest Roadrunner Records bands, from Slipknot to Turnstile

Since its foundation in 1980, Roadrunner Records has been a go-to name for outstanding established bands and a reliable home for new acts looking to ground their roots. Where metal has pushed its boundaries and changed its ever-evolving face, Roadrunner has supported and nurtured growth to new heights. From carrying Slipknot’s career to the stars, […]

11 artists who are influenced by Joey Jordison’s legendary drumming

Do you remember the first time you saw Joey Jordison mastering the art of drumming upside down? Of course you do; that moment is seared in our minds. The sheer talent and innovation of the name behind the rise of Slipknot, Murderdolls, Vimic, Scar The Martyr and Sinsaenum can never be underestimated. This week, we […]

15 music producers who made major career moves with their early work

In the music world, everybody has to start somewhere. While a producer’s early albums are their proving ground for a bright future in the field, they also need luck on their side to find a successful band and a scene-changing album to springboard the rest of their career into the stratosphere. From legendary production masters […]

12 influential early 2000s metalcore albums that shaped the genre

As the world launched into a new millennium during the 2000s, a more modern metal sound was quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Many bands embraced this evolution. Some in particular also heavily influenced the direction of the newly created genre that was metalcore. Even though many of those bands are either not together […]

Musicians show support for Asian community after Atlanta-area shootings

On Tuesday evening, three shootings at Atlanta-area massage parlors left eight people dead. According to NBC News, six of the eight people killed were identified as Asian women. After a brief manhunt, suspect Robert Aaron Long was arrested and later confessed to the attack. This random act of violence has sparked widespread concern and anger […]

Travis Barker joins Atreyu on their explosive new single "Warrior"—listen

Atreyu are treating fans to not one, but two new songs this week. This time around, however, they aren’t alone. For their explosive new single “Warrior,” Atreyu are joined by blink-182‘s Travis Barker. Along with “Warrior,” Atreyu have also unleashed another new song called “Underrated.” Both tracks offer a taste of their forthcoming album Baptize which […]

Matt Heafy's Trivium and MCR mashup was inspired by Michael Bublé

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy is back with another entertaining musical creation for us to enjoy. This time around, Heafy has selected two classics from My Chemical Romance and Trivium and created a mashup we didn’t know we needed until now. However, Heafy has also taken inspiration from an unusual source for the new mashup – […]

The Ultimate Metal Gift Guide: 19 holiday present ideas for metalheads

Metal fans, rejoice! We know that the holidays may not have the dark vibe you usually appreciate, but asking for the perfect gift has never been easier. While gift cards are always appreciated, nothing beats the feeling of seeing the exact item you asked for waiting underneath the tree. Shop our picks for you or […]

10 songs you can learn to play from your favorite bands

The current state of the world has left us with a lot of free time on our hands, and apparently the same goes for some of our favorite bands. Because they can’t go on tour or record live in a studio with other artists, they’ve gotten creative with different livestream performances to keep fans entertained.  One […]

Trivium's Matt Heafy made a technical death-metal record you can't find

Trivium frontman/guitarist Matt Heafy puts himself out there with frequency. So when he got in front of APTV to reveal some things you didn’t know about him, he had some difficulty.  Fortunately, Heafy has the deep metal minutiae to spare, and you’re going to be stoked. Even if he warns us that “we’re going to […]

Here’s why you won’t catch Trivium relying on nostalgia

Metalcore vets Trivium are dropping their ninth full-length, What The Dead Men Say, and as usual, they’ve crafted something with a vast range of emotions and dynamics within their sound. The record sits firmly in their typical metalcore sound while further exploring elements of melodic death metal, black metal, thrash and more.  As one of […]

Here are 22 live performance streams you can watch this week

We’re well into this new temporary way of life of being stuck at home due to coronavirus. Retail stores, bars, restaurants and now movie theaters have closed their doors to the public. This means you’ve probably been sitting inside cycling through the same TV and movie options on Netflix and Hulu, as well as music […]

Trapt Twitter drama sparks a parody account and no one can tell the difference

A parody Twitter account for the band Trapt surfaced this past weekend, resulting in a number of meme-worthy tweets and even a confused Senses Fail.  The Los Gatos natives are as known for their messiness as they are for their iconic songs like “Headstrong,” and “Sound Off.” For years, the band has spent their free […]

Trapt is still stirring up drama with other bands after more than two weeks

One of the funnier things to come out of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been seeing the official Trapt Twitter account and singer Chris Taylor Brown having a colossal temper tantrum online while dragging other bands into their drama and they’re back again for another round. Whoever runs the band’s Twitter account decided today (March 28) that it […]

Coronavirus: Concerts, tours, festivals and more cancellation tracker

The coronavirus is having a massive impact on the entertainment industry, and as the pandemic continues to grow, more events are either canceling or postponing. With every industry from music, film, sports and more being affected by the spread of the virus, we’re keeping track of which events are being called off. Check back for […]

50 rising Canadian bands by province to keep on your radar

Canada’s music scene is spread far and wide, but there are a ton of hidden gems throughout the country. From the rainy mountains of British Columbia to the far reaches of the East Coast Atlantic provinces, Canadian musicians are proving their worth while constantly being overshadowed.  Here are 50 up-and-coming Canadian bands who are showing […]

Lamb Of God and Megadeth reveal massive tour with Trivium, In Flames

After persistent rumors about a co-headlining Megadeth and Lamb Of God run for Mayhem Festival‘s return were quashed, we’re finally seeing what the pair of legendary thrash metal acts were planning. The bands are revealing a massive North American tour stretching from June to November with support coming from Trivium and In Flames. Read More: Senses Fail are recording their eighth record […]

Top 50 metal songs from the past 20 years

Metal has come a long way across the past two decades. From breaking away from the ’90s nü-metal boom into the new wave of American heavy metal and the shift to metalcore, deathcore and hardcore taking over once that scene started to fizzle out, there have been a ton of developments from bands both old […]

Hatebreed singer debuts new Jasta tracks featuring Trivium, KSE frontmen

Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta is making sure fans have plenty to hold them over until the release of the band’s new album. The vocalist debuted not one but two brand new tracks from his project Jasta, featuring Trivium‘s Matt Heafy and Killswitch Engage‘s Jesse Leach. Check out the new songs below! Read more: My Chemical Romance […]
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