12 new collabs your favorite musicians have made with rising artists

2021 has already started out as a strong year for music, with artists expanding their pool of collaborations more than ever. After the train wreck that was 2020, musicians seem to be experimenting more often—spanning genres with collaborations and, in some cases, helping up-and-coming artists receive some limelight by featuring them on tracks.  Read more: […]

23 post-hardcore tracks that definitely ruled your iPods in the 2000s

The Venn diagram comprising many punk and metal offshoots got pretty messy in the 2000s. Post-hardcore crews were regularly lumped in with metalcore, screamo, emo and a plethora of hybrid acts, often sounding comparable and touring together. The biggest of those spectacles was something called Warped Tour.  Yet, there’s no doubting their sway. These subgenres […]

Former Underoath guitarist Corey Steger has died in a car accident

Former Underoath guitarist Corey Steger died in a car accident Wednesday. On Thursday night, ex-Underoath vocalist Dallas Taylor (Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster) confirmed the news on social media. From 1998 until his departure in 2001, Steger was the lead/rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Underoath. Read more: All Time Low are up to […]

10 musicians who joined established bands and didn't miss a beat

Band lineup changes are hardly a rarity in the music scene. Between creative differences, life events and personal fallouts, it’s pretty common for at least one member to go in a different direction over the course of an outfit’s tenure. And that, of course, leaves a significant void to be filled. How a band decide […]

10 times musicians left a band to pursue their own project

As bands morph and grow, they can become more cohesive, or they may choose to break up or replace members who need to follow their passion.  These splits may hurt longtime fans, but it’s usually for the best. Everyone deserves a chance to explore their interests and what feels right in and out of the […]

10 drum performances that prove Josh Dun can really play anything

Josh Dun, one-half of twenty one pilots, has done impressive drum covers onstage and offstage with Tyler Joseph, other artists and on his own. He’s also filled in on drums for fellow scene vocalists with ease. Undoubtedly, he can play anything with anyone. It’s safe to say that he can tackle everything from a kid’s […]

10 musicians who have more than just one role in their band

Musical talent often transcends any individual instrument. A piano player may often feel inclined to try out their voice. A guitarist may dabble with the bass. Often, though, career musicians opt to dedicate themselves entirely to a specific role. Of course, that isn’t a hard rule. There are a number of alternative multi-instrumentalists out there who lend […]

PVRIS and REZZ team up for haunting EDM collab "Sacrificial"—listen

After teasing their highly-anticipated collab earlier this week, PVRIS and DJ/producer REZZ have officially unleashed their haunting new EDM track “Sacrificial.” “Sacrificial” is the latest collaboration to arrive from PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn over the past few months. Read more: Jon Schaffer is reportedly still in an Indiana jail three weeks after arrest Back in October, […]

Ryan Key and Derek Sanders want you to ditch cliché workouts– here's how

You may have started the new year with some lofty wellness goals. But was working out alongside Ryan Key and Derek Sanders among them? Maybe it should have been… In a move straight from our wildest dreams, the Mayday Parade and Yellowcard frontmen have partnered with Cardio Sport to co-host and DJ a pop-punk-fueled, emo […]

Underoath fans have a lot of theories about what these cryptic clues mean

It looks like Underoath may have a big announcement on the way. This week, the band unveiled a few cryptic clues that are causing a lot of fans to theorize about what Underoath have in store for 2021.  Read more: Weezer have another new album on the way called ‘OK Human’ Just like so many […]

QUIZ: Do you remember the lyrics to these 2000s post-hardcore songs?

If you grew up in the 2000s, rocked band T-shirts almost daily and decorated your locker top to bottom with clippings of Kellin Quinn and Oli Sykes, you’re definitely a child of the post-hardcore era.  Now, post-hardcore, while being a specific genre, is a very gray area where bands such as Bring Me The Horizon […]

10 songs artists used to remind fans that they're only human

It’s incredibly refreshing to hear that your favorite band member with the angelic voice is just like you. Sometimes, it takes a little reminder for us to remember what lies beneath the cape we envision on the people who make our favorite songs. It takes a reminder to realize artists are just like us.  These […]

The 50 best albums of 2020 in alternative, pop punk, metal and beyond

If we could identify one incandescent moment to come out of the coronavirus pandemic, it would have to be having large stretches of time to listen to albums. Yes, in 2020, most of us binged on Netflix and chilled the best we could. But streaming services made access to music downright infinite. We could finally […]

40 new artists you need to hear in December

Everyone loves to jam out to their favorite artists and classic hits, but let’s not forget about all the fresh talent constantly popping up around the world. From pop and indie to punk and post-hardcore, there’s always a new name in music waiting to be heard.  We know there’s a lot of faces to sift […]

Do you remember when Demi Lovato played Warped Tour?

Many of us can recount a few now-surprising performers who graced the Warped Tour stage, including Katy Perry, the Black Eyed Peas and Eminem, but do you remember when Disney turned pop star Demi Lovato worked her way onto the summer festival lineup? Imagine the good old days of 2010. Warped Tour still exists, and you […]

QUIZ: Can you match the hip-hop song to the rock track it samples?

Lil Peep stood out with relatable lyrics, often blending hip-hop flow with samples of his favorite emo and pop-punk artists. November marks the release of his 2018 posthumous album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 2, featuring single “Falling Down.” In celebration of Peep and his brilliant creative force, we want to pay homage by […]

See Josh Dun take on Paramore, Underoath and more in drum mash-up

In case you still aren’t entirely convinced by Josh Dun‘s drumming capabilities, the twenty one pilots drummer is further proving himself this week. He recently teamed up with friend and fellow talented musician Matt McGuire of the Chainsmokers for the ultimate mash-up. Together, the drummers took on Paramore, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Underoath and more for […]

Relive Underoath’s electrifying ‘Lost In The Sound Of Separation’ set

Back in July, Underoath treated fans to their three-part OBSERVATORY livestream event. Now, fans are finally getting the chance to relive this groundbreaking virtual show for the first time since this summer. This week, Underoath unveiled the audio from their first OBSERVATORY virtual show where they performed Lost In The Sound Of Separation in full for the […]

20 Libras in the music scene celebrating their birthday season

We have made it to Libra season! Libras are known for living a life of luxury and appreciating the finer things. You’ll often find Libras to be the most fashionable of the zodiac, and their essence is alluring. Libras thrive at the forefront of the music community because of their unique style and confidence. If […]

20 side projects you should already be listening to by now

Side projects have the special ability to give artists the chance to express themselves in whatever manner they choose without snobby genre lords or the (sometimes self-imposed) shackles of their previous works confining their sonic decisions. Sometimes these new bands go in an intentionally more mainstream direction, while other times the word “commercial” is never […]
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