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FKA twigs shares “papi bones” video featuring Shygirl—watch

FKA twigs has shared a new music video for “papi bones” featuring Shygirl. The track comes off her recently released mixtape, CAPRISONGS. In the Aidan Zamiri-directed visual, the two musicians push goats around in strollers. Read more: FKA twigs releases new mixtape ‘CAPRISONGS’—listen “papi bones” is a ridiculously catchy track celebrating twigs‘ Jamaican heritage. twigs […]

20 greatest punk-rock vocalists of all time

From Patti Smith and Joe Strummer to Iggy Pop and Keith Morris, see our list.

15 artists influenced by the Sex Pistols, from Joy Division to Oasis

“Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be fun,” Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten told British rock journalist Charles Shaar Murray in 1977. “You’re supposed to enjoy it. It’s not about taking a million fucking years to learn a million fucking chords on the guitar.”  That clarion call — sounded as their anti-royalist diatribe “God Save […]

These are the 20 best English punk songs

To the outside world, punk rock was initially believed to be an English invention. Blame this on the Sex Pistols’ precocious ability to garner national and international headlines mere months after forming. The truth was, punk began in the early ‘70s with the off-center, jagged rock ‘n’ roll efforts of bands such as the New […]

10 best '70s London punk bands, from Siouxsie And The Banshees to Sex Pistols

As long as there’s been a punk scene, its denizens have argued as to which city invented it — New York or London? Truth be told, it was neither because history’s first proper punk band was the Stooges from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Which would make Detroit punk’s proper birthplace. But if much of the sound […]

10 punk vocalists from the ’70s who upended mainstream rock standards

Nashville songwriting great Harlan Howard once defined country music as “three chords and the truth.” Many have said that definition could also be applied to punk rock. Therefore, it stands to reason that the figure writhing behind the mic stand might be the most essential member of any punk band. After all, it isn’t the […]

Nova Twins and Meet Me @ The Altar are inspiring the next gen of music

Since their inception, English rock duo Nova Twins (vocalist/guitarist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South) have been defying convention and making room for women of color in alternative-rock spaces. Meanwhile, American pop-punk band Meet Me @ The Altar, a three-piece energetic group composed of lead vocalist Edith Johnson, bassist Téa Campbell and drummer Ada Juarez, […]

15 alternative music stars who got their start working in record stores

Record stores are magical places. A good, well-stocked and curated record shop with a knowledgeable staff can influence tastes, expand horizons and serve as the hub for a local musical community. It can be a community center, a place to meet with your friends, promote your band’s upcoming shows by hanging up flyers, even sell […]

20 books written by or about women musicians to add to your reading list

When searching a bookstore for music memoirs, it’s likely that the shelves are packed with men such as Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash and Keith Richards. While it may seem that there are fewer books written by or about women musicians, they are growing in numbers. Women in the music industry refuse to be silenced, and, […]

41 women empowerment anthems that should be played as loud as possible

With Women’s History Month coming to a close today, it’s vital to carry these messages of intersectional feminism and empowerment throughout every day to come. These musicians aren’t only wonderful leaders in the music industry spanning over decades—they’re using their platform to spread messages of self-love and growth as well as sharing stories of hardship […]

15 punk guitarists of the ’90s who paved the way for the genre’s future

Welcome to Alternative Press’ pick of the 15 best punk guitarists of the ’90s. One notable difference between this list and the other two we’ve compiled is the inclusion of several women. Punk did much to democratize rock ’n’ roll in the ’70s, with many pioneering all-female (the Runaways, the Slits) or mixed-gender lineups (X-Ray […]

The sleeves of these 25 old-school punk singles are as cool as the music

As recently established here, the 45 RPM record was the greatest medium for punk rock. It’s compact, it’s affordable and brevity’s of essence—distill all of your best moments in three minutes or less. You can also master these seven-inch beauties hot, perfect for loud music. Then you have the picture sleeves. With punk being so […]

See experimental punks Pleasure Venom bring the fury in outdoor session

Pleasure Venom hail from Austin, Texas, with social and sonic attitude to burn. Fronted by vocalist Audrey Campbell, the quartet have created a fascinating amalgam of hard-rock riffing and jagged treble attacks. Those sharp edges are capable of puncturing anybody’s jaded sensibilities or preconceived notions of what constitutes “heavy.”  In their five-year existence, Pleasure Venom […]

Here are 10 frontwomen who killed the boys’ club in rock

Since the inception of the alternative music scene, men have been at the forefront. Historically, they have determined who can participate and are allowed in their spaces, creating a “by men, for men” mentality. As a result, the “boys’ club” of the indie, punk and the alternative underground emerged. Since then, women have had to […]

These 16 early Afro-Punk artists made huge contributions to alt-rock

The 2003 documentary Afro-Punk lifted the lid on how many black musicians and fans were part of punk culture. Yet even today, there persists the idea that black participation in rock music is some sort of novelty or anomaly. That disregards, of course, mountains of evidence to the contrary, going back all the way to […]

The top 15 punk albums of 1978 that still rock today

Punk in 1978: The Sex Pistols broke up in San Francisco and were about to become an asset in a legal battle, despite “new” material being issued. The Damned also dissolved and then reassembled as the Doomed, with Captain Sensible moving to lead guitar and Motörhead’s Lemmy briefly on bass before realizing they’d fare better […]