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Tour Guide: Beach Fossils, the Lemonheads and more

This is Tour Guide, a weekly recap of the concert news fans don’t want to miss. From Beach Fossils to the Lemonheads, check out who’s coming to a city near you

10 best emo albums of 2011, from Taking Back Sunday to Sleeping With Sirens

To properly dissect the best emo albums from 2011, one must not be afraid to use the term “emo” broadly, as this style of music can take shape across multiple genres. In 2011, emo was arguably at its lowest point commercially, as the mid-to-late 2000s boom had slowly faded away at the turn of the […]

Chris Carrabba is stoked for new Chamberlain music and here's why

Anybody who claims to be well-versed in emo culture knows how crucial Chamberlain are to the genre. The Indianapolis, Indiana, outfit started as Split Lip, a hardcore band with bigger musical visions than their contemporaries. Their desire to add everything from melodic singing to acoustic guitars helped build the foundation of the post-hardcore genre. After […]

The contributions of these 10 hardcore bands will be felt for decades

Believe it or not, there was a time when hardcore was considered a fad. It was angry, unfocused, violent, testosterone-driven and a bunch of other adjectives that nobody wanted to be saddled with. Rock critics and commercial radio stations wanted no parts of it. Hardcore bands in the early ’80s were a tough bunch. They […]

Here are the 10 most influential bands of hardcore

Hardcore has gone through countless stylistic changes since its inception and has inspired a variety of movements within music. Whether it’s the early veterans of the genre such as Black Flag or later acts who spawned metalcore and heavier subgenres by branching off hardcore such as Converge, these pioneers have been repeatedly used as an […]

20 positive hardcore bands to uplift your spirits

While hardcore is a genre that primarily focuses on negative feelings and the struggles associated with them, there are a ton of bands pushing for positivity. The so-called “posi-core” scene has plenty of fantastic bands to brighten your day and lift your mood when the world’s got you down and you need some words of […]

18 Record Store Day releases you’ll miss if you sleep in

Get ready to starve your wallet and feed your turntable because the 11th anniversary of Record Store Day falls this weekend (Saturday, April 13).  Because let’s face it, looking at playlists on your phone is kind of boring, but that triple-vinyl set of twenty one pilots’ Blurryface Live is a joy to witness and caress. There’s […]

10 classic hardcore bands you need to get into now

Classic hardcore punk sowed the seeds by which today's alternative music blooms. Be it death metal, metalcore, pop-punk or screamo, the current iterations of aggressive rock wouldn't exist without our hardcore forefathers. Here are 10 classic hardcore bands we think you'll love. BLACK FLAG The launch pad for both Keith Morris (now frontman for Off!) […]

Guilty of being misquoted: Confessions of a "Straight Edge Dude"

Recently, an article was posted that portrayed both myself and the record label I own, No Sleep Records, in a very poor way. This was due to a miscommunication/misunderstanding from the writer as to what the piece would be about. On top of that, the article was edited poorly and contained numerous errors due to […]

Texas Is The Reason, Gorilla Biscuits, Sense Field and more announced for Rev 25 in Chicago

Revelation Records has announced that it will conclude it's 25th Anniversary celebrations with a three-day event at Chicago's House Of Blues January 4-6. Check out the lineups below.  January 4  Gorilla Biscuits Shelter Down To Nothing By A Thread TBA January 5 Gorilla Biscuits Youth Of Today 32 Frames TBA January 6 Texas Is The Reason […]

Youth Of Today, Foundation, Stick Together to headline "Edge Day" in Philadelphia

Youth Of Today, Foundation (pictured) and Stick Together will headline “Edge Day” in Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are on sale now. Below is the show announcement from the promoter. “EDGE DAY!!! Saturday Oct 20th 4pm / 1ST BAND 4:30 $15 Youth of Today Foundation Stick Together Coke Bust Beware Truth (texas) outlast breakaway test of time […]

Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Shai Hulud to celebrate Revelation Records' 25th anniversary

Revelation Records will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with three nights of shows at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California June 8-10. Bands scheduled to perform include Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Shai Hulud, Sick Of It All and many others. Check out the flyers below. Tickets for each show go on sale February 15. Revelation […]