Taking Back Sunday have announced TAYF10 Acoustic, a film and full live album recorded during the band's Tell All Your Friends 10th Anniversary tour last year.

Both the film and album are set to be self-released June 18, and are available for pre-order individually or together. Pre-orders also include an immediate download of the track "Bike Scene."

Here's what the band had to say about the release:

Filmed at the Chicago and Los Angeles stops on the TAYF10 Anniversary tour, this film is a rare, intimate acoustic performance of Tell All Your Friends complete with a bonus track and guest performance by Michelle DaRosa. Also includes exclusive behind the scenes interviews of the band reflecting on the past 10 years.

The album is taken from that same performance, and "includes instrumentation and arrangements created specifically for these intimate shows." Check out the artwork, below.

And here's the track listing, but shame on you if you didn't already know it:

1. You Know How I Do

2. Bike Scene

3. Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)

4. There’s No ‘I’ In Team

5. Great Romances Of The 20th Century

6. Ghost Man On Third

7. Timberwolves At New Jersey

8. The Blue Channel

9. You’re So Last Summer

10. Head Club

11. Bonus Track: Your Own Disaster

Taking Back Sunday are currently at work on their sixth full-length album. A follow up to 2011's Taking Back Sunday, it will be the band's second effort since reforming with their Tell All Your Friends-era "classic" lineup.

Check out the trailer for TAYF10 Acoustic, which will be available as both an instant stream and a high-definition download: