APTV’s Nick Major caught up with John Nolan and Mark O’Connell of Taking Back Sunday at the 9th annual MUSINK Festival.

In the video, the guys talked about new music in the works, the band members' matching tattoos and little bit of politics.

O’Connell and Nolan confirmed that the band has been recording and writing, gearing up for the next album.

In the spirit of MUSINK, Major steers the conversation toward the matching band tattoos. “We all got a panther tattoo,” Nolan explains. “Eddie, our guitar player, had one that he got when he was younger, and Adam was asking him about it at one point.  Eddie couldn't remember why he got or what the significance was to it, and somewhere along the way the idea came about that we would all get the same panther tattoo to give it some significance.”

Major asks the musicians about their track on the compilation album for the Flint water crisis. “The drummer from the Swellers put that together, and he’s real active with a whole lot of things,” O’Connell says. “He put that together and asked us about it, and we were down to help out, it’s a real horrible thing that happened.”

Things then start to get political, and Major takes the opportunity to ask the guys if they’ve been keeping up with the debates. “It’s a weird combination of hilarious and terrifying at this point,” Nolan says. “Donald Trump is very entertaining, but the idea of him actually having a shot at becoming president is really scary to me.”

Apparently both Nolan and O’Connell are feeling the Bern.

“He’s a person that I feel like I believe in the most,” Nolan says.

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Host/Editor: Nick Major

Video: Geoff Major