Current guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Taking Back Sunday, John Nolan, has teamed up with AltPress to premiere his new music video for “American Nightclub 1999” off his solo album Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream. Directed by Jason Michael Brescia (Bridge and Tunnel, The Newest Pledge), the video follows Nolan as he awkwardly tries to conquer a night club. It's complete with poppin’ bottles, getting rejected and a quirky dance number.

"In the early days of Taking Back Sunday, us and a bunch of our friends from Long Island would occasionally go out to a club called Luxe,” says Nolan. “We weren't the typical crowd there and whenever any of us would venture outside our group we'd be pretty awkward and out of place. Inevitably though, we'd get drunk and head out onto the dance floor to dance and try to meet girls. It was always a fun/embarrassing time. This song and music video tells that story in all it's awkward glory."

Nolan is also known as the former lead singer, pianist and guitarist of Straylight Run.

Check out the video below, head on over to iTunes to download Sad, Strange, Beautiful Dream or check it out on vinyl