Tambino has shared a new single, “NY Daze,” from his forthcoming EP Sin Miedo.

The project of Peruvian-born, NYC-based Kam Tambini, Tambino fuses dreamy shoegaze with his uniquely coined “cumbiagaze” sound on “NY Daze.”

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“NEW SINGLE ‘NY DAZE’ OUT NOW,” Tambino captioned an Instagram post about the single. “Drowned-out guitars meet 808s.”


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"NY Daze" comes from Tambino’s 4-song EP Sin Miedo. Sin Miedo translates to “without fear,” which perfectly represents the authentic way the singer combines all different types of genres to craft his unique sound.

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You can listen to “NY Daze” below.

Sin Miedo tracklisting

1. “Estos Dias”
2. “NY Daze”
3. “Deseo”
4. “Las Tardes”