The coronavirus pandemic has been a life-altering moment for many of us, and apparently it’s one that some people have decided to commemorate with tattoos.

In some states, tattoo parlors have begun to reopen after being shut down to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

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With new social distancing and hygiene measures in place, shops have reopened, so for some people, it seems fitting that their first tattoo acknowledges some of the quintessential parts of the pandemic, such as cloth masks and toilet paper shortages. 

Check out these 10 people who actually got tattoos about the coronavirus, whether it’s for some inspiration or, more likely, for pure entertainment. 

A coronavirus bunny

This person decided to get a tattoo of a little blue bunny wearing a mask and avoiding viruses in the background. The bunny looks pretty terrified to be existing, which is honestly relatable, but we have to admit its little mask is pretty adorable. 

A subtle toilet paper reminder

An unforgettable part of this pandemic has been the way people have been stocking up on toilet paper, leaving grocery store shelves barren for weeks and causing people to invent creative solutions. This person decided to get some ink of a toilet paper roll, telling people not to panic. That’s one way to remember this whole thing. 

A fitting Corona beer bottle tattoo

This person decided to get a tattoo of a bottle of Corona and include the year 2020 and the words “Never Forget.” Apparently this has been somewhat of an emotional journey for them. Let’s hope they at least like drinking Corona, too. 

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A vial of COVID-19 

This person went a little less direct with their tattoo and opted for a red vial of liquid labeled “COVID-19.” While the idea is more out there, the tattoo is well done and eye catching with its bright colors. 

A custom coronavirus emoji

If Apple made an iPhone emoji to represent the coronavirus, it should look exactly like this tattoo. The green face resembles the virus itself, and it’s wearing a mask to make it even more fitting. 

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A masked face

This tattoo of a woman’s face with roses in her hair wouldn’t typically turn any heads for being creative. However, when you look closely and realize she’s wearing a mask, it makes you do a double take. The addition of a mask is one way to put a 2020 spin on a tattoo you might have been wanting for a while. 

This bottle of hand sanitizer

This person decided to commemorate the pandemic by tattooing a shaded bottle of hand sanitizer on their body. Honestly, even though it’s a tattoo of hand sanitizer, the shading and composition looks really pretty on this person’s skin. While it’s ridiculous, it does provide some inspiration for our next ink. 

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This Corona beer and toilet paper hybrid

This person went balls to the wall and just decided to say, “Screw it, I want a roll of toilet paper with a bottle of Corona right in the center.” The entirety of 2020 has just been ridiculous so far, so why not memorialize that with an equally ridiculous tat? 

This tiny mask tattoo

If you’re into tiny tattoos, you might actually like this image of a mask with the words “COVID-19” under it. It’s a much more subtle nod to the entire situation than the previous few, but it’s still pretty funny in the first place. 

This social distancing butterfly tattoo

This person is letting social distancing change who they really are—a social butterfly. This piece is a statement for sure, but you can tell it was well thought out by the person who got it, even though it’s a coronavirus-themed tattoo.