Your elders' wisdom isn't necessarily your wisdom, and it looks like that universal ground rule is finally bearing out when it comes to tattoo culture. According to a new study, having a tattoo doesn't necessarily harm your chances at getting a job.

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That's right, the recent study published in scientific journal Human Relations finds the "relationship between tattoos, earnings, and employment in the U.S. labor market" has dramatically changed over time, as reported by Bustle.

Indeed, the study concludes that—opposed to traditional thought—having a tattoo won't affect your job prospects at all. In fact, having a tattoo may actually improve your shot at landing certain career opportunities. Take that, mom and dad!

"These results suggest that, contrary to popular opinion as well as research findings with hiring managers and customers, having a tattoo does not appear to be associated with disadvantage or discrimination in the labor market."

The scientists involved in study surveyed over 2,000 people from all 50 U.S. states about their ideas on tattoos, earnings and employment. And they made sure to sample opinions not just from cities but from rural areas of the country, as well.

Perhaps surprisingly, no empirical evidence "of employment, wage or earnings discrimination against people with various types of tattoos" was indicated among the collected data, flying in the face of yesteryear attitudes on body ink.

That said, have you ever experienced employment discrimination based on a tattoo or piercing? What do you think of the latest findings that show tattoos don't actually hurt your career outlook? Sound off in the comments below!

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