There’s nothing better than a good movie villain. They’re basically everything we love—dark, evil and scary.

We also are huge tattoo fans, so these tattoos of some of our favorite villains are exactly what we needed to see today.

This Venom tattoo that shows off the villain’s wicked tongue.


The Evil Queen from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs showing off her signature bad apple.


This amazing portrait of Heath Ledger as the Joker makes us want to book a tattoo appointment.  


This rendition of Cruella De Vil sporting a few dalmations and her iconic fur coat.


 This extremely realistic ink of Darth Maul that Star Wars fans will die for.


A Pennywise tattoo scary enough to frighten both children and adults.


This person put Jack Nicholson’s iconic moment from The Shining on their body, and it’s totally amazing.


An Ursula back piece that is truly something to envy.


This Michael Myers ink stands out with the purple rose, blood splatter and skull knife.


This Hannibal Lecter tattoo is perfect for die-hard fans of Silence Of The Lambs.