We love a good mashup from time to time especially when two songs work together when they really shouldn't. This week, a new Taylor Swift and twenty one pilots mashup emerged onto YouTube and, well, the track definitely sounds better than many of you may think.

YouTuber William Maranci has mashed together Swift's hit "Love Story" and twenty one pilots' "Jumpsuit" for the ultimate cross-genre track.

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"Love Story" is arguably one of Swift's biggest country songs to date. Off of her 2008 Grammy-award winning album Fearless, the single's video features a young Swift prancing across a field in a princess-like ball gown.

In great contrast, you have twenty one pilots' Gold-certified "Jumpsuit." As the opening track to 2018's Trench, "Jumpsuit" is one of the first introductions into the world of Dema, a place vastly different from what's seen in the romance-filled "Love Story" video.

Somehow, however, Maranci found a way to make both of these songs sound good together. On Aug. 26, Maranci posted the "Taylor Swift - Love Story But It's Jumpsuit By Twenty One Pilots" mashup onto YouTube.

Using the instrumental music from "Jumpsuit," the mashup features Swift's "Love Story" vocals. However, in order to make the mashup work even better, Maranci distorted Swift's vocals multiple times to fit better with the darker sounds on "Jumpsuit."

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Maranci has also included an entertaining video to go along with the mashup. The video includes footage of both Swift and twenty one pilots performing their songs. The clips truly help listeners visualize that "Love Story" and "Jumpsuit" were released a whole decade apart from each other.

twenty one pilots are still achieving success from Trench. Earlier this month, "The Hype" was certified Gold. Back in May, the entire Trench album earned a Platinum certification. “The Hype” now joins “Jumpsuit,” “My Blood” and “Nico And The Niners” which are all also certified Gold. “Chlorine” surpassed its Gold certification and is now Platinum.

Meanwhile, Swift recently surprised dropped her eighth studio album folklore. The new album marks her first to be classified in the alternative genre.

The "Taylor Swift - Love Story But It's Jumpsuit By Twenty One Pilots" mashup is available to stream below.

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