Grammy-nominated songwriter Teddy Geiger — who operates under the name teddy<3 — is preparing to release her new record, Teresa, in November. Today, she’s shared another alluring single called “In Spades.”

Like the nine other songs on Teresa, “In Spades” was started during a period of self-discovery where Geiger left LA and spent three months in Madrid in 2019. The new cut reflects that mindstate, beginning with meditative, percolating synths that soon give way to a burst of different sounds while remaining soothing and hypnotic. It’s a combination that Geiger excels at.

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“This song began at the living room table in Spain with that lil bubbling intro synth, and then it just sat like that for a couple months,” Geiger says. “I would listen and enjoy discovering all the little melodies hidden in there. I ended up finishing it as a song when I was revisiting the sessions while tracking stuff in NYC with my friend/close collaborator Evan Voytas. This song is about unrequited devotion to the utmost degree.”

Teresa arrives Nov. 1 via STEM. Listen to “In Spades” below.