The Fine Bros. have put teen's music knowledge to the test again—and the reactors could have done better.

Watch them trying to guess songs from the 2000s below!

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On the latest episode of React, they try to guess 2000s music, including songs from Green DayRed Hot Chili Peppers and Creed.

First up is RHCP's "Dani California," which a decent amount of them recognize. Then, they listen to Green Day's "Holiday," off the band's 2004 album American Idiot.

The good news is five out eight reactors knew the song; however only three guessed the artist.

"I was going to say that, I should have gone with my gut," said one of them, after getting it wrong. It's OK, there's always next time.

Finally, the teens had to guess Creed 2001 song "My Sacrifice," and it didn't go well.

You can check the results for yourself below. Do you think you'd do better than them?

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