If we gave you a collection of classic pop punk songs from the early 2000s featuring artists such as Fall Out Boy or Green Day, you'd be able to get identify every song right?

The Fine Bros. put these teens up to the true pop punk test, check out how they did below!

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When told that they're going to be listening to punk classics from the early 2000s, a lot of them are unsure if they're going to know any of the songs played, including Carlos who referenced that he won't know any of the songs "unless Green Day is considered punk."

From there, the teens are given a variety of pop punk classics to listen to including "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World and "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte. At one point, reactor Eric exclaims that "Good Charlotte is a very underrated band."

This is a drastically different opinion from Ethan who remarked that the song sounded like "whiny, complaining."

One song that particularly had the reactors stumped was New Found Glory's "My Friends Over You" where only one person knew the title of the song, and not a single person actually knew that it was from New Found Glory.

Do you think you can identify these songs better than the Teens React crew? Watch the video below and tell us in the comments how you did!