[Photo by: Foo Fighters/Brantley Gutierrez, REACT/YouTube]

The Fine Bros. are known for putting teen's music knowledge to the test, and this time they take on 2000s music from bands like My Chemical Romance and Foo Fighters.

Watch them try (and sadly fail) to guess two of the scene's favorite bands. 

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The first song that the teens listened to is My Chemcial Romance's 2006 hit "Welcome To The Black Parade." There are a few kids who knew the song, and some who simply had no idea of the song name or the artist (we know, our hearts broke too.)  

After hearing the back story of the song, one of the teens shared his thoughts on the track, saying "That's crazy grim. That paints a really dark picture in your head but what an athem to go out to." 


Moving through the next couple of songs, the teens soon stumbled upon a "dark" 2000s hit, with Dashboard Confessional's "Vindicated." Unfortunately, none of the teens were able to guess the 2004 song from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack. 

Then, the teens tried to tackle Foo Fighters' 2002 hit "All My Life." There was only one teen who actually knew the song and artist, while the others weren't too sure who exactly was behind the track.

Of course, the others tried to figure out who did the classic song, but one teen soon gave up saying, "every guy sounded like this in the 2000s." 

Ouch, that upload hurt our hearts and made us feel old all at the same time. Were you able to name all of the songs? Let us know in the comments! 

Watch the video in full below: